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by bluemedora_editor on June 20, 2013

Being that virtualization is a prerequisite for business success, managing virtual environments with appropriate tools is of paramount importance. IT managers, when assessing the virtual environments running on their data centers, often discover that they lack detailed process information across their clusters. This is the case especially when Oracle VMware workloads are involved.

In the past, a plethora of commercial tools, free software patches, and open source applications have been used to manage Oracle VMware workloads and the virtual machines (VMs) on which they run. Leading vendors include iQuate and Flexera, with consulting groups such as House of Brick and Yucca Group offering assistance and tools that enable IT managers to build a management dashboard. A comprehensive EM12c plugin was the logical next step.

Because of the complex nature of Oracle virtual licensing, it is vital to have tools that not only provide you with a snapshot of your current Oracle licensing virtual servers, but also enable you to see how changes in your VM environment impact your licensing exposure.

The VM environment can be highly fluid where Oracle workloads are concerned. A single vCenter can thousands of VMs spread over a number of servers. Ensuring that all processors handling an Oracle workload are licensed becomes a challenge that management tools—so far—have been struggling to overcome.

To effectively tackle Oracle VMware installations, the tools you use across your data center must provide answers to a number of questions:

  1. What is the state of the servers running at any given time?
  2. Which servers allocated to Oracle workloads are using VMware VMs?
  3. Which ESX/ESXi servers are present in any given cluster?
  4. Which ESX/ESXi servers are configured for vMotion migration?

Management tools, if they are serving you properly, must give you deep insight into all of these questions. More importantly, they must precisely indicate how live migration across clusters impacts current Oracle virtual licensing.

If you choose the right tool, your business will be secure in the knowledge that it has attained complete transparency with regard to Oracle licensing of virtual servers. This in turn assures you that an Oracle audit would determine that all required Oracle licenses are in place.

One company that has a new approach to Oracle VMware licensing management is Blue Medora. Understanding full well the trials and tribulations of IT managers and DBAs when integrating EM12c with VMware and Oracle virtual licensing, Blue Medora has created a new plugin that expands the standard capabilities of the VMware vCenter.

Without VMware integration for Oracle EM, Oracle admin utilizes other tools or queries (used by the VMware admin team) to understand what is occurring in the virtualization layer. When Blue Medora’s EM plugin for VMware is deployed, the Oracle admin can view the same VMware key KPIs and alerts that the VMware admin sees from within Oracle EM.

Visit Blue Medora to learn more about our new plugin, and about how you can take part in the beta release of a state-of-the-art approach to Oracle VMware licensing management.

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