Why VMware vCenter console is inadequate

by bluemedora_editor on May 13, 2013

The Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware is a first-in-market solution for companies moving critical data to the cloud. The plugin allows for deeper, more complete monitoring and management for users deploying VMware virtual machines as part of their Oracle enterprise virtualization solution.

Highlights of The VMware vSphere plugin

  • Manages your whole environment from a single Oracle EM12c console
  • Agentless approach requires no installation on VMware servers
  • Integration of native VMware Events into EM
  • Over 400+ VMware-related health, availability, performance, and configuration metrics
  • More than 30 out-of-the-box pre-defined Thresholds
  • VMware specific reports
This post is part of detailed series of articles that will guide you through the installation and usage scenarios of VMware plugin from Blue Medora. In this post we will discuss in detail the inadequacies of VMware vCenter console and explain how the vSphere plug-in provides seemless integration with VMware which enables end-to-end visibility of Oracle workloads running within VMware-based virtualized environments.
When there are database performance issues DBA’s must be able to access the VMware console in order to understand if the problem exists at the virtualization level or not. Not being able to access The VMware vSphere console makes DBAs uneasy. Even if the DBA’s are given access to the vSphere console, quality time needs to be spent in looking for the right information on The vSphere client. This requires navigating through various views; and at any given time one will be able to view only a subset of data. For example information about a host, virtual machine or a cluster. All this requires additional time and effort from DBAs in understanding the vSphere console.
By using The VMware vSphere plug-in from Blue Medora, more than 400+ VMware-specific metrics are collected by the plugin and this data is made available within Oracle EM12c. The plug-in then uses these collected metrics to provide a centralized view of information across VMware environments, for example, graphs of overall memory and CPU utilization (last 24hrs), Summary (provides information on number of hosts, data-centers, clusters and hypervisors) and Incident and Problem management.
Apart from this the VMware plugin includes the following set of distinct EM targets: VMware vSphere,VMware Datacenter, VMware Hypervisor, VMware Cluster, and VMware Virtual Machine. The plug-in reveals all layers in the virtualization stack in one convenient, manageable location. This makes traversing the layers of VMware during investigation easy, as you leverage the specific metrics collected to perform root cause analysis. All these put together finally provides Oracle DBAs with full transparency into VMware from within their preferred Oracle management tool – Oracle EM.


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