What’s new in BindPlane: pumpkin spice metrics

by bluemedora_admin on October 25, 2018

Update: Google Stackdriver is now Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring. BindPlane will continue to integrate and support both of these products.

Everyone’s favorite season is in full swing! You know what that means…scarves, orchards and pumpkin-spice metrics are on the menu at Blue Medora.

Figure 1: Do I smell pumpkin spice?

The month was dominated by two big events, the GA release of our expanded BindPlane for Microsoft Azure Monitor service at Ignite and the debut of our Google Cloud Partnership at NEXT. Work on both of those projects also drove several new integrations in our catalog this month.

Teaming up with Google Cloud on enterprise observability

As I mentioned, we’re collaborating with Google to automate metric and log collection in an effort to bring observability to the enterprise. This joint effort is designed to bring together our Dimensional Data stream with Google Stackdriver’s amazing visualization and analysis capabilities.

Figure 2: Our CTO, Mike Kelly, presented the first BindPlane-powered Stackdriver dashboards, like this one for Oracle DB while on stage with the Google Cloud Team in London.

Although the bulk of our Google engineering time was spent working on Stackdriver dashboards like the one above, we also had time to squeeze in our 18th integration for Google Cloud Platform. You can now monitor the Google Cloud Domain Name Server service—which includes details about Managed Zones and Resource Records in the destination(s) of your choice.

Going deeper on hybrid and multi-cloud with Microsoft

When we previewed our BindPlane for Microsoft Azure Monitor service earlier this summer, we were laser focused on connecting Azure with AWS services for multi-cloud monitoring. Now that we’ve gone to GA, the service includes our entire catalog of nearly 150 integrations, which will help Microsoft Azure customers do so much more—like close the gap between application and infrastructure monitoring or improve database troubleshooting. The excitement for these added use cases was in the air at the Ignite event (see figure 3).

Figure 3:  Director of Platform Products, Daniel Jeffries, demonstrates some of the new integrations and dashboards for Microsoft Azure Monitor at the Ignite conference in Orlando.

Obviously, the GA release, which included dozens of new dashboards made up most of our work in Microsoft Azure this month, but we still found time to crank out two additional Azure service integrations.

Microsoft Azure HDInsight
View cluster specific logs and metrics for Hadoop, HBase, Kafka, Spark and Storm.

Microsoft Azure Containers
Track container CPU and memory performance, status and more.

Savor the season and these integrations

Enjoy the season of cinnamon and cider while you can. Perhaps pair your next PSL with an SAP dashboard or two? Before you know it, Autumn will be gone. The time to try out these new integrations is now.

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