What’s New in BindPlane: New Year. New Integrations.

by bluemedora_admin on January 4, 2019

This year we’ve resolved to completely transform the monitoring industry by decoupling data collection from data analytics. Making it easier to configure and maintain a real-time monitoring data stream with the depth and context enterprises need to achieve observability. Pushing monitoring platforms to next-level visualizations that deliver both topology and health data in the same dashboard.

Figure 1: A toast to better monitoring for you in 2019.

BindPlane for Stackdriver alpha release

We wrapped up 2018 by finishing some joint engineering with the Google Cloud Platform team. We’re collaborating with Google to transform metric and log collection for large enterprises, by seamlessly integrating our BindPlane Monitoring-Integration-as-a-Service with Google Stackdriver. This joint effort gives Google Stackdriver customers access to our Dimensional Data stream–with no additional licensing fees–for use in Google Stackdriver’s amazing visualization and analysis capabilities.

Adding BindPlane to Stackdriver means organizations running highly-complex, distributed architectures that include multiple clouds, multiple database platforms, virtualized on-prem infrastructure and containers can centralize monitoring and alerting for their entire environment. With access to this data, and Stackdriver’s next-gen visualization capabilities, IT operations professionals will be able to metrics and logs from their entire stack. Long story short when something goes wrong, they’ll be able to filter out the noise and identify the root cause immediately.

Figure 2: A BindPlane Oracle Query Details dashboard for Stackdriver allows users to troubleshoot slow Oracle DB queries in seconds.

BindPlane for Stackdriver is super simple to configure and maintain thanks to the integration work we’ve done.

Two new sources for the new year

It wasn’t all Stackdriver work around here. We also cranked out a couple of new sources in December.

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Analyze total RAM, free RAM, total disk, free disk, cluster name, cluster node and average CPU utilization.

NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM)
Track performance for clusters, nodes, aggregates, ports, SVMs, volumes, LUNs and LIFs.

Happy New Year!

We’re really excited about this start to 2019! You can kick off the new year right too by starting your free trial.

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True Visibility
BindPlane for VMware vRealize Operations

True Visibility allows cloud management teams to use VMware vRealize’s powerful machine learning and capacity planning engine across their entire hybrid cloud environment.

Azure Monitor...everything
BindPlane for Microsoft Azure Monitor

Make Azure Monitor your first-pane-of-glass across your entire multi-cloud, multi-database or hybrid platform environment.

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