What’s new in BindPlane: New source integrations you’ll be grateful for

by bluemedora_admin on November 29, 2018

The Blue Medora team took a break last week to reflect on all there is to be thankful for in our lives. The week wasn’t just filled with family and friends. We also took some time to think about our extended Blue Medora family and how appreciative we are for our hundreds of customers who continue to push us to deliver the next-generation data collection strategy they desire.

Improve container resourcing

As containers in production are now common in most large enterprises, but those organizations who rely on central operations and infrastructure teams still face challenges when it comes to understanding the resource demands in those environments.

This month, we expanded our Microsoft Azure Container sources, adding Microsoft Azure Container Instance to our existing lineup of container-related sources like Docker, Amazon ECS, Kubernetes and more. (See all our current container sources here.) With the addition of this new source, you’ve got a new dashboard template that distills some of the best metrics from our new Microsoft Azure Container Instance integration like API usage, container and container group metrics like CPU usage, memory usage, requests, and retries.

Figure 1: A New Relic dashboard for our new Azure Container Instance source.

Be sure to check out the full list of our Azure Container Instance metrics.

Optimize network performance

Complex, always on networks that support cloud, wireless, remote users, VPN, IoT and mobile devices demand in-context performance monitoring. Without an understanding of how network performance is impacted by VMs, hosts and other resources it can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause of slowdowns.

This month, we wrapped development on two new network-related sources Microsoft Azure Network Watcher and Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager, these new integrations bring more than 100 new metrics and several dashboards that connect the dots between endpoints, VMs and load balancing services making it easier to optimize performance.

Stuffing your destination platforms with new sources

We rounded up the month with a cornucopia of new sources for Microsoft Azure. Particularly useful for those of you trying to centralize alerting or monitor more than one cloud platform (hello, everyone!).

If you’re using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets for elastic computing, adding this source to your monitoring platform destination(s) will improve your visibility into the behavior of individual VMs, as well as your scale sets.

Get richer debugging details about your logic apps with our Microsoft Azure Logic App source. This integration helps you track things like requests and retries as well as workflow action runs and triggers.

We’ve also added Microsoft Stream Analytics to our list of real-time data analytics sources. This allows you to monitor and alert on function, input, job, output and more. The source includes more than 70 metrics. See the full list here.

Figure 2: A New Relic dashboard for our new Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets source.

Finally, we also completed a Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs source, making it easier for you to troubleshoot dropped notifications.

We’re thankful for you

So, we present to you the fruits of our labor in November–giving thanks for all you do help make us better. Fill your destination monitoring platform(s) with this bounty today by starting your free trial.

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