What’s new in BindPlane: Graduation Day

by bluemedora_admin on June 5, 2018

Commencement speeches, caps and gowns, diplomas. This month, graduations are in full swing. Around here that means a new class of data providers is graduating to GA in our BindPlane MIaaS. These new integrations will be looking for workloads in the real world soon.

Breaking down multi-cloud monitoring silos
May was a big month for multi-cloud at Blue Medora. And there is a reason for that. We prioritize based on what we’re hearing from our preview users. We heard it’s hard to observe or compare apples to apples across clouds. A lot. So we’ve responded, and we’ll continue to prioritize multi-cloud integrations, as you’ll see in the coming months.

Leading the way was our preview of AWS integrations for Microsoft OMS. This initial release streams health and performance data from the top 10 AWS services and delivers them in dashboards to the Azure Log Analytics service. Unlike other options, it provides a single, self-maintaining connection between two of the most popular public cloud offerings.
Figure 2: Several of our AWS integrations dashboarded within Azure Log Analytics.

At the same time, for customers looking to monitor Azure services using other platforms, like New Relic, we added more than a dozen new Azure service integrations including:

Azure Storage
Analyze usage trends, trace requests and diagnose issues at the service, account, resource level. The BindPlane Dimensional Data stream includes access metrics, capacity metrics, transaction metrics and more.

Azure Table Storage
Track table capacity using metrics like TableCapacity, TableCount and TableEntity Count.

Azure Blob Storage
Keep an eye on Blob storage capacity through BlogCapacity, BlobCount and ContainerCount metrics.

Azure File Storage
Evaluate file capacity using FileCapacity, FileCount and FileShareCount metrics.

Azure Queue Storage
Identify queue capacity trends using metrics like QueueCapacity, QueueCount and QueueMessageCount.

Azure Search
Collect metrics surrounding search latency, queries per second (QPS) and throttled search queries.

Azure Batch
Diagnose issues in your Batch account with access to metrics like Pool Create Events, Low-Priority Node Count and Task Complete Events.

Azure Load Balancer
Trend data throughput, packets routed, VIP availability.

Azure Functions
Dashboard and alert based on metrics that include number of function invocations, execution time, and success rate.

Azure Web Apps
Track availability state, average response time, http error count and requests.

Azure Resource Groups
Understand key relationships between your Azure services.

Azure Database for MySQL
Get insights on CPU, storage, connections and more.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Track CPU, memory, I/O and more.

Azure Cost Management
Identify underutilized resources with insights into cost allocation and showbacks/chargeback.

Azure Redis Cache
Monitor Hits and Misses, Gets and Sets, Connections, Total Commands and more.

Azure Event Hub
Analyze request, throughput, message and connection metrics at the namespace and entity level.

Improving observability in microservice architectures
This month we continued to expand upon our integrations for monitoring microservice architectures. The dynamic nature of these environments and the abstraction techniques they use deliver distributed systems at scale make autodiscovery and relational visibility keenly important for monitoring integrations in these environments–all areas that BindPlane shines.

Docker Swarm
Analyze Swarm request counts by service, top services, containers per host, CPU usage, container count, request time or request count.

Measure request rate, response rate, request latency, and connection count.

Drill into data about available resources, used resources, registered frameworks, active agents and task states for master or agent nodes.

Spot trends in node, container and pod metrics such as CPU and memory usage.

Get insights on thin provisioning, snapshot capacity, reads, writes, IOPS and latency.

Monitor throughput, operations per second, CPU usage, cache hit rates and disk read/writes.

NetApp HCI, Solidfire
Collect metrics on throughput, utilization, volume reads/writes, IOPS and more.

Palo Alto Networks
Analyze performance on node status, CPU utilization, session utilization and more.

Congratulations Class of May, 2018

Whew. Like any graduation, if you made it through that list, hats off to you. If you didn’t see your favorite integration, drop us a line and let us know who should be in our next graduating class.

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