Using vRealize Operations Policies to Disable Alerts on Certain Objects

by bluemedora_editor on February 12, 2016

VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) is a powerful platform that assists enterprise operations teams in proactively identifying and resolving issues. One way it does this is by allowing for policy-driven capacity planning, alerting, and reporting functionality.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how a custom policy can be used to disable alerting on a set of monitored resources. This is useful if you want to disable alerting for a development environment or suppress alerts for a certain resource type or group of resources.



In this example, we’ll disable alerts for the out-of-the-box Object Down alert for the VDA Machine object using Blue Medora’s Management Pack for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. This will stop vRealize Operations from sending an alert when a VDA Machine is offline.


Figure 1: Navigating to the Policy Library via Administration

1) Go to Administration -> Policies, click on Policy Library tab, and find the Default Policy (see Figure 1).

2) Left-click on the Default Policy and click the edit button (see FIgure 2).

3) On tab 3, Override Analysis Settings, select the object you wish to suppress (in this case, XenDesktop VDA Machine).

4) Click on the Filter button to the right of the select box.


Figure 2: Editing the Monitoring Policy

5) Click on the Override Alert / Symptom Definitions tab (see Figure 3).

6) Find the Object Down alert under Alert Definitions.

7) Click on the Inherited dropdown, and select the Disabled Local option (the one with the red circle with line through it).


Figure 3: The Override Alert / Symptom Definitions tab

Now we are suppressing the Object Down alert for all XenDesktop VDA Machine resources. When these resources go offline, we will no longer receive an alert.

For more information on vRealize Operations, visit the product page on VMware’s website. To learn more about management packs for vRealize Operations, visit Blue Medora’s website.


This blog was originally posted on VMware Cloud Management Blog. Read the full blog post here.

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