Unlock Detailed Analytics for SAP with Blue Medora’s Latest Release

by bluemedora_editor on September 23, 2015

Management Pack for SAP Optimized for vRealize Operations 6.x

Blue Medora, an innovator in enterprise cloud systems management, today announced the latest release of their VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for SAP. The Management Pack for SAP extends the VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) monitoring platform by enabling customers to gain comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity and health of their SAP workloads running on VMware.

Blue Medora’s solution collects performance data from critical SAP resources within the end user’s SAP landscape and makes it available in vROps. Administrators can now manage, monitor and troubleshoot their entire SAP environment within one unified interface.

Blue Medora’s latest management pack is now optimized for vROps 6.0.x and 6.1.x with the addition of invaluable features such as capacity definitions, views, reports, symptoms, alerts and recommendations. The upgrade includes new dashboards that provides overall health information for popular SAP instances (Java, ABAP, Dual Stack, ABAP Central Services and Java Central Services).

Key features of the Blue Medora vROps Management Pack for SAP include:

  • Landscape Organization: Organize your SAP systems into landscapes for dashboarding, roll-up metrics and reports that encompass multiple systems.
  • 14 SAP Instance Types: Gain detailed insights into the applications running in your SAP environment.
  • Capacity & Health Awareness: Stay ahead of issues with vROps’ predictive analytics in SAP.
  • Relationship Mapping: Instantly view relationships within SAP, out to the virtual layer and beyond.

For more information on using the Management Pack, please visit our product page or see the VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for SAP User Guide, which can be found at: http://support.bluemedora.com. Learn more about Blue Medora by visiting our website, and on Blue Medora’s Twitter (@bluemedora) and LinkedIn handles.

About Blue Medora
Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blue Medora is the world’s leading provider of value-added software solutions that extend VMware’s vRealize Operations family of cloud systems management products. Blue Medora believes true visibility into business critical applications is only achieved when enterprise cloud management systems communicate without barriers.

Blue Medora’s rapidly growing portfolio of VMware-focused software solutions extend VMware’s cloud management platform, vRealize Operations, by seamlessly integrating health, availability, performance and capacity management as well as predictive analytics for NetApp, Cisco, Oracle, IBM and SAP environments.

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