What is True Visibility in Your IT stack?

by bluemedora_editor on November 1, 2016

In today’s modern world of data and computing, information is power. The more we can observe, manage and control, the better off we are. However, there does come a point when today’s heterogeneous environments begin evolving and growing to the point where they become overwhelming to manage. There will often be numerous databases, compute, storage, and network technologies, all of which need their own method of monitoring and management. This myriad of control centers and applications can become cumbersome and unintuitive.

Thankfully there are ways to effectively manage large heterogeneous environments such as Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite for vRealize Operations. This solution is a tier-based approach for managing your infrastructure and applications from a single control point: vRealize Operations Manager. The True Visibility Suite tiers mirror vRealize Operations Manager tiers, providing a simple approach to monitoring your VMware, Infrastructure, and application stacks.

  • “Standard” tier, offering primarily server monitoring along with EMC storage monitoring.
  • The “Advanced” tier, offering everything from the standard tier plus additional storage and network monitoring such as NetApp, Nimble, Cisco Nexus, and F5 BIG-IP.
  • The “Enterprise” tier containing everything from the previous tiers plus application and database monitoring such as SAP, Oracle, Amazon databases, Microsoft SQL, and more.

Figure 1: The True Visibility editions mirror your vRealize Operations edition.

Monitoring your entire stack in vRealize Operation Manager is now efficient and simple. Utilizing an agentless design, the True Visibility Suite allows for simple and rapid setup for small-to-medium businesses while retaining the dependency, reliability and flexibility to scale with the rapidly evolving environments found in large enterprise datacenters. The True Visibility Suite has been shown to reduce root-cause analysis time by up to 50% ¹ and reduce the need for IT tools, eliminate silos, and boost IT productivity by up to 67% ². Below is an example of what full-stack visibility looks like with vRealize Operation and the True Visibility Suite.

Figure 2: An example of what True Visibility in vRealize Operations can provide: full stack visibility from application to storage.

VMware vRealize Operations and the True Visibility Suite help solve the complex problems that naturally arise in today’s rapidly evolving IT environment by consolidating disparate monitoring controls into a single console. For more information on VMware vRealize Operations tiers, visit the vRealize Operations product page. For more information on the True Visibility Suite, please visit Blue Medora’s website.


¹ Dimensional Research Study, 2014 “The Value of VMware vCenter Log Insight: The Customer Perspective”
² VMware vCenter Operations Customer Benchmark Study by Management Insight, Wave Two, 2014[ultimatesocial_false share_text=”hare” networks=”twitter,facebook,linkedin”]

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