The only way to implement Oracle Database as a Service on VMware

by bluemedora_editor on April 16, 2014

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is most likely not a new concept for Oracle or VMware administrators. When Oracle introduced red-stack DBaaS, administrators immediately saw the undeniable value of such capabilities (improved quality of service, resource elasticity, rapid provisioning, etc). Today, you can finally take those same great capabilities and benefits to a mix-stack deployment with the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware (PVM).

PVM’s Life Cycle Management Edition adds management and automation to support VMware operational functions (stop/start virtual machines, suspend virtual machines, suspend guests, change virtual machine configuration settings, clone virtual machines, and create new virtual machines from templates), along with automation for DBaaS and MwaaS on VMware using EM12c.You can reduce service request times, wasted resources, and improve business agility through automation.

PVM enables Oracle scale-out scenarios on VMware through full end-to-end provisioning of Oracle Database and WebLogic J2EE on VMware from within Oracle EM12c (click to tweet).

Here’s why you should care

It’s fast

With Blue Medora’s Plugin for VMware, you can scale out an entire DBaaS in under 30 minutes (click to tweet). Traditional rollouts could take days/weeks/months depending on your technical and operational complexity. Now you can build those rules directly into your database and virtual machine profiles to exponentially reduce deployment times.


It’s easy

Blue Medora’s Plugin for VMware is the only DBaaS on VMware tool designed specifically for Oracle administrators (click to tweet). It lives where you work; right inside of EM12c.

Here’s an example of scaling from one host to 10 hosts in EM12c. In one panel you have complete control over the lifecycle of your dev and production resources. This is possible because it combines the database creation and virtual machine creation into a single process. You create your database and virtual machine profiles inside of EM12c and deploy from those profiles when you need them.

What’s the best part? You can completely automate every step of the process. Click a button and walk away in confidence knowing your requested resource will be up and ready in minutes. This frees you up for priority tasks, or maybe that longer lunch break!

You can do the impossible

Simply put, you could never implement DBaaS on VMware like this before (click to tweet). Putting technical limitations aside, there were also operational limitations that made scaling a DBaaS environment practically impossible. With the new capabilities of the Plugin for VMware, you have the power inside EM12c. When a new request comes in, you can react immediately and fulfill that order in minutes.

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