The Cloud Podcast: Bring Order to Your Monitoring with BindPlane

by Mike Kelly on February 12, 2020

Update: Google Stackdriver is now Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring. BindPlane will continue to integrate and support both of these products.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Justin Brodley and Jonathan Baker, hosts of the Cloud Pod podcast to talk about BindPlane, and to discuss logging and monitoring. The podcast was posted this past week and I want to provide you a quick overview of the topics we covered and how BindPlane from Blue Medora fits into the mix. You can listen to the podcast here.

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In order to get the most out of the podcast and the concepts we discussed, I want to quickly break down who Blue Medora is and share some background on our latest SaaS product, BindPlane. Blue Medora lives in the performance monitoring space for IT, but we don’t think of ourselves as the user’s primary platform. With our BindPlane product, we help customers expand their logging and monitoring to their preferred destinations like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and New Relic to expand the aperture of what they are able to observe. Our goal is to reduce the requirements for monitoring tools so that an organization can understand its full environment with BindPlane. We do this by making it easy to deploy agents, monitor the different components an organization needs, and put it all into a single view within a customer’s preferred centralized location. 

Our latest release expands BindPlane to now monitor logs within Google Stackdriver and New Relic. BindPlane Logs allowed us to deploy a fully managed log agent that comes with pre-configured log bundles, which lets customers get everything up and running with only what they need and want to be monitoring. Helping customers take control of what they are monitoring, and the frequency, helps them to avoid the surprise bill that comes at the end of the month from over-monitoring. By making it easy for users to get started and to update, BindPlane separates itself from other open source solutions by putting the customer in control.

Now that you have a basic understanding of BindPlane, here are a few of the additional topics that we dive into on the podcast:

  1. Serverless Technology (Kubernetes v Serverless)
  2. Machine Learning and AI 
  3. Configuration and Compliance Management
  4. On-premise to Cloud Migration 
  5. The BindPlane Roadmap

I don’t want to give too much away, but as we discuss the above topics, I share our relevant customer use cases for how BindPlane is helping DevOps save time and cut costs with monitoring both logs and metrics. I would also like to thank Justin and Jonathan once more for being great hosts and I hope that you will get a lot out of our conversation!

If you are interested in learning more about BindPlane, you can request a demo or get started today using our documentation portal to guide your setup. 

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