Successful Customers=Satisfied Salespeople

by bluemedora_editor on May 9, 2013

The archetype of a salesperson is that they are “coin operated.” According to the meme, their chief reward for doing their jobs is money. And from a practical standpoint, the role of sales in an organization is almost a mandate for the “coin operated” mentality. Organizations want — in fact, they need — salespeople who have a stake in growing business revenue since revenue growth is a core objective for every business.

However, most successful salespeople I’ve known also take great pride in knowing that their customers truly enjoy and benefit from the products and services sold to them.

I was fortunate to be able to have a couple of such moments of pride, along with a terrific feeling of satisfaction, during the past week.

The first came during a twitter exchange with a DBA at a sporting goods manufacturer in the Northeastern U.S. The exchange began with a Twitter shout out that he was able to improve his MS SQL Server performance running in VMware after reading our recent free whitepaper about performance bottlenecks in VMware and how to address them.  One technical insight we included in our whitepaper addressed Reservations and Limits in VMware. When he investigated the limits set on the VM in his architecture, he learned that it was set significantly below the expected amount of memory to be allocated to the VM in which the database was running.

This DBA wasn’t even a current Blue Medora customer, yet he benefited from the technical expertise that we shared in our white paper. The second came as a spontaneous quote from Doug McKay, Director of Information Systems for Critical Mass in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Doug was seeing data from his IT Infrastructure during a demonstration of our Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware, which had been installed on his test system earlier in the week.  As he viewed the test configuration information for a VM in his architecture that was experiencing application performance issues, he exclaimed, “This gives us much more information than we’ve ever had!”

Coincidentaly, Doug’s demonstration also focused on Virtual Machine Reservations and Limits.  Even though the customer’s physical hardware we were testing on has excessive processing and memory capacity relative to a non-test environment, certain applications were experiencing performance issues. Doug and his team were struggling to identify the root cause. However, after Bryce Kaiser, Blue Medora Product Manager for Enterprise Manager, explained reservations and limits, we used the VMware Plugin for Oracle EM12c to show Doug that limits had been improperly set on key VMs.  VMware Reservations and Limits setting in VMware had not been readily visible to Doug and his team prior to seeing this.

Doug explained how this information will help his team of systems administrators to have more meaningful conversations with the VMware infrastructure team in terms of application requirements for adjusting VM Reservations and Limits appropriately in order to meet service levels needed to achieve business objectives. This is why I do what I do: I work with customers to provide solutions that will make their jobs easier and their enterprise infrastructure more effective. Without their success, the job would not be satisfying even with revenue growth.

I hope to be able to share more Blue Medora customer success stories in the future.

Let us know how we help make you more successful by extending your Oracle Enterprise Manager’s monitoring and management capabilities.

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