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Data center optimization

Our data center optimization suite gives you a complete view of your entire stack, including the critical dependencies between resources in different layers, allowing you to maximize efficiency and minimize troubleshooting.

DataOps modernization

Database platforms drive many of the most valuable business insights and customer experiences. Our DataOps suite includes everything you need to tune database performance or troubleshoot slow queries in multi-platform, multi-cloud environments.

DevOps adoption

An APM tool like New Relic or AppDynamics is a must-have for your dev team, but if you’re currently relying on a DBA team to troubleshoot queries, if you can’t see web server metrics in your APM, or if have deployed one too many AWS technologies to track, our DevOps suite is for you.

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Multi-cloud and microservices monitoring

Modern environments require a different approach to monitoring, one that takes into account the temporary nature of many resources. Our multi-cloud and microservices suite brings together everything you need in dynamic tech stacks.

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Cloud migration

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments can create monitoring silos. Our Cloud Migration suite unifies performance monitoring and analytics for all your workloads, no matter where they reside, even those hard-to-monitor cloud databases.

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PaaS visibility

Once you’ve built your PaaS infrastructure, it can be difficult to see everything you need to maintain it. Our PaaS visibility suite digs deep into PaaS technologies like Pivotal Cloud Foundry, as well as load balancers, cloud databases and compute resources.

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Monitoring migration or consolidation

Large teams rarely have one tool for monitoring and analytics. Our Monitoring Migration and Consolidation suite is built for centralizing on a specific platform or for upgrading from like Nagios, SCOM & SolarWinds to next-gen monitoring platforms.

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