If you are not scaling Oracle Middleware like this, then you’re doing it wrong

by bluemedora_editor on May 10, 2014

We have all built an Oracle Middleware box from scratch once. But, if you ever build an Oracle Middleware box from scratch twice, you’re doing it wrong! (click to tweet). Okay, maybe that is a little extreme. Surely there are some business requirements that justify building multiple Middleware deployments from scratch, but you should certainly do everything in your power to avoid it. Here’s how you should be implementing Oracle Middleware with today’s tools. (If you don’t feel like reading, jump to the end to see how Blue Medora makes your life a whole lot easier).

Oracle Middleware is designed from the ground up to be both vertically and horizontally scalable. Unfortunately, most implementations of Oracle Middleware do not effectively leverage these capabilities and many admins focus only on scaling vertically. To maximize your Oracle Middleware investment, you must have an appropriate strategy to horizontally scale within your private/public crowd. (click to tweet)

The shorthand for that strategy is Middleware as a Service (MWaaS).  MWaaS facilitates cheaper and faster deployment of applications as developers need not deal with the complexities of the underlying hardware and software components. This is possible by moving away from admin driven provisioning to end user driven. Enterprise Manager 12c allows administrators to pool resources, standardize and automate deployment procedures, setup access control, establish scaling policies, and much more. For an in depth guide at red-stack MWaaS, check out Oracle’s Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Middleware As A Service Cookbook.

If you happen to be deploying Oracle Middleware on VMware (if you’re not, you should) you can still leverage the power of Enterprise Manager 12c with Blue Medora’s Plugin for VMware. Many Oracle and VMware administrators are familiar with the plugin’s game-changing monitoring capabilities. Now the Life Cycle Management Edition provides capabilities spanning the entire Middleware on VMware cloud lifecycle. Administrators can identify pooled resources, configure role-based access, and define service profiles. It allows Enterprise Manager 12c users to request middleware services and consume them on-demand. It also allows for users to scale-up and down their platforms to adapt to changes in workload.The net result is that is allows both sides of the equation (consumer and administrator) to understand the costs of the service delivered, and establish real accountability for consumed resources.

Here’s why you should care

Blue Medora provides a detailed guide on how Oracle Middleware as a Service on VMware works, but here are the high level benefits.

It’s fast

Simply put, Blue Medora’s Plugin for VMware Lifecycle Management Edition is the fastest way to scale out an Oracle Middleware on VMware environment. The speed comes from seamless integration with Enterprise Manager 12c functionality. In fact, it’s 95% faster than traditional techniques. It’s fast. Real fast. (click to tweet)

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

The entire process can be broken down into three easy steps that Enterprise Manager admins should find familiar.

1) Setup your VM template (very detailed guide)

2) Perform general Enterprise Manager Cloud setup (very detailed guide)

3) Finalize MWaaS (very detailed guide)

Don’t feel like reading? Check out the video overview instead.

It is a natural fit

The Plugin looks, feels, and acts just like the Oracle workflows you are already familiar with. You don’t need extensive VMware knowledge to manage a large scale Oracle Middleware on VMware deployment. Become a master of VMware without all the headaches that come with low level implementation. The Plugin abstracts the complexity away and significantly reduces overall complexity.

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