What is Monitoring Integration as a Service? Meet BindPlane

What is Monitoring-Integration-as-a-Service? Meet BindPlane: Transcript

Most large organizations run six or more monitoring tools. Each of them relies on a mixture of data collection techniques–from technology providers, open-source communities or custom integrations.  Maintaining dozens of individual integrations can actually turn into a significant investment, one with the potential to rival monitoring platform costs. Even if you’ve invested in the leading predictive analytics engine, data collection challenges could be holding you back. New monitoring technologies require a new data collection strategy. Blue Medora introduces BindPlane, the industry’s first monitoring-integration-as-a-service.

BindPlane offers a single, self-maintaining connection that collects the health and performance data from every enterprise technology in your environment and translates it to a dimensional data stream that can be accessed by any monitoring platform, empowering you to:

  • Analyze component data in virtualized or container environments. Bindplane’s dimensional data stream goes up to 6x deeper than community or open-sourced plugins.
  • Autodiscover new resources in rapidly changing microservices architectures.
  • Unify monitoring between legacy data center technologies and the public cloud or across multiple public clouds.
  • Troubleshoot faster with visibility into the relationships between the layers of your IT stack.

Deploy the modern data collection strategy your next-gen monitoring platforms demand: BindPlane from BlueMedora.

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