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VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Microsoft Hyper-V Data Sheet

Extend the vRealize Operations (vROps) cloud management platform to gain remote visibility and insights into performance and health across the full stack of your Microsoft Hyper-V deployment using this management pack from Blue Medora.

Work Productively From the Environment You Know

Enhance the performance of your Hyper-V virtual machines from the vROps console by taking your monitoring beyond the Microsoft environment. Blue Medora’s extension for vROps gives you a view of the full stack of your Hyper-V clusters and hosts—which includes hundreds of additional metrics and dozens of key alerts. Truly understand the performance of your Hyper-V virtual machines, in one place that you are familiar with: the vROps console.

VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft Hyper-V Data Sheet

See the Broad View with Key Performance Metrics for Hyper-V in vROps

Gain insight into key performance indicators and capacities — including CPU usage, storage I/O bottlenecks, network IOPS and virtual machine organization across layers — to optimize the health, performance and availability of your Hyper-V workloads.

Key Metrics

  • Storage IOPS
  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Memory Pressure
  • Disk Utilization
  • Network Throughput
  • Power State

Supported Platforms

  • vRealize Operations 6.3+ (Advanced or Enterprise editions)
  • Microsoft SCVMM versions 3.2.7510.0 – 4.+
Key advantages

Agentless and Easy: Remotely collect data against your complete Hyper-V environment without leaving the vROps console. Supports the agile nature of your IT ecosystem with less overhead and management effort.

Relationship Knowledge: View relationships and impact between your Hyper-V storage, network and compute, especially the critical I/O bottlenecks. Easily track root cause in both directions; for example, from cluster down to VM to disk.

KPIs and Capacity: Get intelligent alerts and recommendations in vROps to pinpoint problems before they spread across the stack.

VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft Hyper-V Data Sheet
Utilize Hyper-V More Effectively

Most users start at the dashboards to gain a broad view across their full stack. The Management Pack for Hyper-V provides standard dashboards to get your monitoring and insights started quickly:

  • Overview – Heatmaps that roll-up the health of your Hyper-V environment by its key components.
  • Health Investigation – This interactive topological view highlights trouble spots in your Hyper-V layer so you can drill into relationships and alerts to quickly find root cause.
Faster Troubleshooting, Smarter Planning

Take advantage of Blue Medora’s capability for relationship mapping. This unique function enables intelligent drill-down to root cause based on dependencies between components of the stack, using metrics and the predictive analytics capabilities of vROps Analysis Badges through capacity definitions automatically populated by the Management Pack for Hyper-V.

Key relational capacity calculations:

  • Cluster Shared Volume gives total disk space usage for all disks in the volume
  • Virtual Hard Disk gives the disk space usage for the VHD

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