True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Microsoft Azure

With the Blue Medora Management Pack for Microsoft Azure, extend visibility into your Azure workloads for both compute and Azure SQL to drive better performance and, as a result, improve the end-user experience.

Extend vRealize Operations to Microsoft Azure Compute & Azure SQL

Dive deeper into key performance indicators for your Microsoft Azure environment, including CPU usage, concurrent session and in-memory OLTP sessions, to pinpoint problems and identify root-cause issues. Go beyond monitoring with relationship mapping, giving you the ability to connect the dots from your databases to other components of the IT stack.

The Blue Medora Management Pack for Microsoft Azure provides insight into capacity definitions for your resources, such as CPU, DTU, eDTU and DWU. Paired with Blue Medora’s detailed alerts and notifications, improve your troubleshooting with real-time visibility into issues as they arise.

Key advantages

End-to-end visibility. Access more than 200 metrics for visibility into your Microsoft Azure compute and SQL resources.

Dashboards and reporting. Identify issues in real-time with access to out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

Relationship mapping. Extend visibility beyond your Microsoft Azure resources with the ability to see key relationships across the IT stack, out to the virtual layer beyond.

Capacity and health awareness. Use capacity definitions and analysis badges to see issues as they arise, simplifying troubleshooting.

Expose Key Microsoft Azure Performance Metrics
Microsoft Azure Compute
  • CPU Usage
  • DTU Consumption
  • In-memory OLTP Storage
Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Concurrent Workers
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Read/Write Operations
Supported Platforms
vRealize Operations
  • Enterprise edition
  • Version 6.3+
Microsoft Azure
  • Azure REST API v12
  • Azure JDBC v12
Microsoft Azure Overview Dashboard
See More with Operational Dashboards

The Management Pack for Microsoft Azure enhances VMware vRealize Operations by adding four dashboards, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Overview: Access at-a-glance views of your Microsoft Azure environment to see health status and resources.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database Analysis: Select a SQL Server resource and any database located on that server to see key metrics and capacity.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Query Analysis: Uncover query-level issues by selecting a specific database to investigate actual query syntax and performance metrics.
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Analysis: View key information about a selected Azure virtual machine, including properties, metrics and workload capacity.

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