True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for HPE Servers

Simplify operations and optimize your ProLiant Server performance by easily accessing key metrics, dashboards and alerts.

Extend vRealize Operations deep into your infrastructure

Optimal performance across the IT stack begins at the core — within your servers. When you don’t have full insight into how your servers are performing, it can mean your applications, services, and databases perform less than optimally.

This Management Pack for HPE Servers offers enterprise-level visibility into your server operation right from vROps — helping you dig deeper to manage better through access to more than 400 metrics and seven comprehensive, out-of-the-box, dashboards, right from the one environment you already know and use–vROps.

HPE Health Investigation Dashboard from HPE Servers Management Pack | Blue Medora

Key advantages

End-to-end visibility. Access more than 400 metrics and out-of-the-box dashboards and reports for visibility into your HPE Servers right from vROps

Alerts and notifications. Receive instant alerts for events such as critical health, memory, desk and temperature to quickly resolve problems before they impact performance

Relationships mapping. Extend visibility beyond compute resources into the virtual layer, including VMware ESXi hosts and virtual machines, and Cisco Nexus switches*

Understand how your ProLiant Servers impact your environment out to the virtual layer and beyond with relationship mapping that is automatically updated. For chassis with Virtual Connect switches on board, important statistics such as throughput, uplink paths, and IO latency are also shown.

When you deploy our vROps Management Pack for Cisco Networking, external relationships to Cisco switches are also automatically discovered and updated.

Detailed alerts and notifications identify issues for deeper investigation in the context of relationship information and metrics.  For key symptoms in health, memory, disk, temperature and power consumption, this Management Pack creates alerts and provides recommendations that transform your IT operations from the core–from one pane of glass.

View 400+ Key Performance Metrics for ProLiant Servers in vROps across these categories
  • Power Consumption and Supply Status
  • Fan Status
  • Network Performance and Health
  • Port and Blade Performance and Health
  • Temperature for Chassis, CPU, Memory, and I/O Zones
  • Child Relationships on Hosts, Parents, and Ports
Supported Platforms
Supported Platforms vRealize Operations
  • Standard, Advanced or Enterprise editions
  • Version 6.3+
HPE Servers

HPE ProLiant Servers, Gen8+ (Blade or Rack) with one of the following:

  • HPE Onboard Administrator (OA) 4.50+
  • HPE Onboard Administrator OA with Virtual Connect Manager (VCM)
  • iLO 4+

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