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VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for ServiceNow

Blue Medora’s Management Pack for ServiceNow adds extensibility to vROps by delivering ServiceNow data, used as the single source of truth for IT support ticketing and configuration management (ITSM), to the IT Operations team. This embedded adapter for vROps contextualizes vRealize data by collecting ServiceNow CMDB configuration items (CIs) and mapping those vROps objects bases on a user-defined schema.

ServiceNow SNOW Mapping
Monitor ServiceNow in vRealize Operations

The ServiceNow Group Overview dashboard provides an overview of different SNOW resources. Simply select a resource from the Environment Overview widget to populate the Alert List and KPI widgets with the relevant information for that resource.

Key Advantages

Service-level-driven support: vRealize can now highlight problems on a VM with the context of the application it belongs to, its production tier, its corporate division or any classification in the ServiceNow CMDB. Now if a VM is about to go down at 3 AM, your on-call IT support can readily note that it’s a “dev” machine and go back to sleep.

Visibility for executive application owners: Business context opens vRealize Operations to a whole new audience within an organization. While managing IT assets is IT’s problem, most collections of VMs belong to someone else at the level of services, applications, business units, etc. The VP of Accounting might own three custom applications comprised of 17 VMs. Domain/Splice lets you give that VP a view of her whole estate with health and cost numbers that are immediately relevant to her bottom line.

Waste reduction: Bringing in asset tagging from ServiceNow gives the ability to identify potential waste in an environment. Any VM with no ServiceNow classifications can be readily scrutinized, giving organizations with large virtual environments an easy way to identify orphaned assets. With the Management Pack for ServiceNow, a filtered list of potential waste can easily be created, thus significantly reducing the time to cost reduction.

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for ServiceNow

The ServiceNow Statistics dashboard provides a breakdown of all the relevant and important statistics from your monitored ServiceNow CMDB.

Supported Platforms

vRealize Operations 7.0+ (Standard, Advanced or Enterprise editions)

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