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VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Lenovo Compute

The Blue Medora vRealize Operations (vROps) management pack for Lenovo Compute extends VMware vROps by enabling customers to gain comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance and health of their Lenovo servers, and the VMware workloads they support.

vROps Management Pack for Lenovo Compute
Monitor Lenovo Compute in vRealize Operations

With the management pack for Lenovo Compute, administrators are able to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot their entire Lenovo server infrastructure in context of related ESXi hosts and VMs, all within a single console. The Management Pack for Lenovo Compute monitors Lenovo rack servers and flex devices remotely. It connects with the XClarity user interface to retrieve relevant data regarding resources.

Key Advantages

End-to-end relational visibility: Identify potential issues in your Lenovo Compute resources, and their impact on dependent hosts and VMs, before they spread to the next layer of the stack.

Proactive status and health awareness: Stay ahead of server contention and bottlenecks with predictive analytics. Blue Medora provides alerts, views, and reports to fully exploit the capacity management capabilities of vRealize Operations.

Deep performance metrics: Drill deeply into your Lenovo Compute resources from racks to chassis to servers, fans, power and more.

Alerting and recommendations: View Lenovo Compute alerts and expert recommendations directly within vROps.

Lenovo Compute Key Performance Metrics
  • Health states for rack servers, chassis, fans, and power modules
  • Number of processes
  • Maximum processes
  • Chassis switch modules
  • Power module health
  • Fan modules supported
Supported Platforms
vROps version 6.3+ (Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise editions) Lenovo XClarity

Gain at-a-glance visibility with 3 expertly crafted dashboards:

  • Lenovo Compute Health Investigation: Explore interactive topology maps and health status views of your compute resources and their related components
  • Lenovo Compute Host Status: Reveals your hypervisor and virtual machine dependencies to their compute resources, displaying KPI and alert information along the way
  • Lenovo Compute Overview: See the overall health of Lenovo Compute resources using heatmaps
vROps Management Pack for Lenovo Compute

Never miss an important event: With over 55 built-in alerts, system administrators can identify major issues and correct them with the speed necessary to minimize their impact.

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