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VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for IBM SVC and Storwize

The IBM SVC and Storwize management pack by Blue Medora provides end-to-end visibility, analytics and capacity planning for workloads running on IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and Storwize. Understand relationships between your applications, virtualization and dependant infrastructure, including IBM SVC storage fabrics and Storwize arrays. Blue Medora utilizes the vRealize Operations (vROps) analytics engine to unveil deep insights into capacity, performance and configuration.

Monitor IBM SVC and Storwize in vRealize Operations

Get a comprehensive view into your SVC and Storwize infrastructure, with explicit views into storage and capacity, as well as at-a-glance insight into the performance metrics of both virtual disks and pools. See how your VMware datastores and clusters map to your SVC and Storwize infrastructure. Never miss an important event with built-in alerts on storage availability, capacity and critical changes in configuration.

Key Advantages

End-to-end relational visibility: Use out-of-the-box dashboards to see essential details about your SVC and Storwize environment, the VMs and the workloads they support—all within vROps.

Predictive capacity insight: See capacity-related key indicators and trends to preempt bottlenecks, reduce mean-time-to-innocence and simplify troubleshooting.

Alerts and notifications: Remediate issues faster with access to detailed alerts on the status of your environment. Proactive recommendations keep you ahead of performance degradations.

Critical IBM SVC and Storwize Performance Metrics

Over 200 collected metrics, including

  • Capacity from the Clusters down to the Virtual Disks
  • Virtual Disk latency and IOPs
  • Snapshot Used and Free Capacity
Supported Platforms
vROps versions 6.6.1+ (Advanced or Enterprise editions) SVC versions 7+

Gain at-a-glance visibility with 5 expertly crafted dashboards:

  • IBM SVC Overview: View heatmaps to see the overall health of your IBM SVC and Storwize environment
  • IBM SVC Health Investigation: See a more specific breakdown of your environment by resource, allowing you view yet more details about them
  • IBM SVC Status and Alerts: Gain a cluster-based breakdown of alerts in your environment
  • IBM SVC Oversubscription: View oversubscription metrics at every level of your environment
  • VMware Compute Clusters on IBM SVC: See a compute-level breakdown of your IBM SVC and Storwize storage
vROps Management Pack for IBM SVC and Storwize

See multiple layers of capacity: Using the predictive analytics capabilities of vRealize Operations, the management pack for IBM SVC and Storwize provides Cluster, Storage Pool, and Virtual Disk related capacity predictions.

vROps Management Pack for IBM SVC and Storwize

Never miss an important event: With its own dashboard specifically dedicated to status and alerts, system administrators can see any major issues that occur and correct them with the speed necessary to minimize their impact.

vROps Management Pack for IBM SVC and Storwize

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