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At a glance

Blue Medora vRealize™ Operations Management Pack for Epic® is a monitoring and management solution designed for healthcare organizations that use the Epic electronic medical record (EMR) platform. The solution extracts system information from the Epic System Pulse server and integrates it with VMware® vRealize™ Operations Manager™ to create a single view of system performance across the EMR platform and supporting infrastructure.

VMware vRealize Operations Epic Environment Overview
What is Care System Analytics for Epic?

Blue Medora Care Systems Analytics for Epic leverages vRealize Operations Manager, an intelligent operations management solution from VMware, to improve visibility into the overall performance of the Epic system—from infrastructure to the point of care. It includes dashboards to visualize and analyze performance indicators from the Caché environment, instances, hosts, Epic services on Windows hosts (Print, Interconnect, Clarity, and Relay), and related infrastructure (physical and virtual). This transparency increases collaboration across infrastructure, operations, and applications teams.

Key benefits

Visibility into 280+ key indicators of Epic performance

Automated anomaly detection and potential root cause analysis for faster issue resolution

Smart Alerts to prevent potential problems

Transparency through point-of-care dashboards

Fewer incidents and less down time for clinicians

Storage, networking, and database insight with added management packs

VMware vRealize Operations Epic Cache Instance Details
How does Care Systems Analytics for Epic work?

The analytics engine in Care Systems Analytics for Epic learns the typical behavior of Epic application and supporting infrastructure to build dynamic thresholds. It then adapts to the customer environment to provide more specific alerts about health degradations, performance bottlenecks, and capacity shortfalls. This gives healthcare IT teams the ability to proactively monitor, alert, troubleshoot, and resolve performance and operational issues.

How is Care Systems Analytics for Epic used?

Care Systems Analytics for Epic includes default dashboards that provide the following capabilities:

  • Overall view of the health of Epic resources to detect anomalies from the normal behavior previously assessed by the analytics engine
  • Drill down view for quickly observing aggregate counts of several Epic application—specific workflows (e.g., operating room, billing, discharge, referral, and admission workflows) to understand correlations between components
  • Troubleshooting dashboard template to create side-by-side views of Epic resources and underlying infrastructure to reduce time to investigate and resolve issues
  • Printing dashboard to quickly view and analyze jobs in queue, jobs processed per second, jobs failed, jobs processed, and related server metrics
  • Epic Cache Host and Cache Instance details to provide insight into Cache environment
  • Epic Health Investigation and Epic Environment Troubleshooting dashboards providing relationships between users Epic environment and their virtual infrastructure
  • Epic Interconnect details dashboard to quickly view and analyze Interconnect messages, request times, and listeners

These default dashboards can be cloned, customized, and shared with individual users and groups of users.

Care Systems Analytics for Epic

Care Systems Analytics for Epic provides value immediately when installed in a customer environment. For healthcare IT organizations interested in further customizing the solution, Blue Medora supports the creation of additional customized dashboards, and multilevel alerts. Professional services can also help organizations improve data consolidation across the IT environment—physical and virtual—with storage devices, networking resources, and databases using generally available vRealize Operations Manager management packs. To see more Blue Medora management packs for VMware vRealize Operations visit the True Visibility Suite page.

How does Care Systems Analytics work with Epic?

Care Systems Analytics is an ideal monitoring and management solution for Epic environments. It is powered by VMware vSphere®. Both vSphere and VMware Horizon 6 have been given Target Platform status by Epic—after passing a wide range of usability, performance, and scalability tests resulting in a validated implementation solution. vSphere has Target Platform status for virtualizing Epic Windows hosts, as well as Caché and Clarity databases. vSphere is also a Target Platform for Citrix XenApp servers with Epic. VMware Horizon® 6 has Target Platform status for both Hyperspace 2012 and 2014, enabling organizations to deliver Hyperspace within a Horizon 6 virtual desktop. The Horizon solution can be enhanced by powerful desktop monitoring and management included in VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon.

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