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VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Epic


How does Blue Medora vRealize Operations Management Pack for Epic work?

The Management Pack acts as an adapter to pull the data from an Epic System Pulse instance and feed the data into Blue Medora Operations Manager for reporting. Once the adapter is installed, you must provide the fully qualified domain name of the System Pulse server or Internet Protocol (IP) address. The adapter will pull the data every five minutes and ingest it into Blue Medora Operations Manager.

What happened to the VMware management packs for Epic? Are these competing products?

VMware transferred ownership of their care systems analytics management packs for Epic to Blue Medora. Blue Medora is a trusted partner of VMware® and develops all management packs for vRealize Operations.

What is System Pulse?

System Pulse is the name of the monitoring and management solution provided by Epic.

Can you provide a little more background about Blue Medora?

Blue Medora software solutions tie together data from virtualized and cloud-based databases, applications, and services with the critical underlying compute, storage, and network infrastructure to create a unified view of the infrastructure. Headquartered in Michigan, Blue Medora is a trusted VMware OEM partner.

Since 2013, Blue Medora has been a software technology provider with VMware and has become the leading management pack developer with vRealize Operations, supported by a responsive support organization and high-quality scores from customers.

How is Blue Medora Care Systems Analytics for Epic different from other monitoring and management tools?

Care Systems Analytics for Epic provides value out of the box. From the moment it is installed, the solution starts to learn the normal performance of each customer’s specific Epic environment and builds dynamic thresholds. As it starts to build history, the solution automatically alerts customers when there is an anomaly. Other monitoring and management tools claim they have analytics in their products, but in reality, the user has to manually identify which metrics to apply thresholds against, and set up rules for specific metrics, such as how far outside of the threshold and for how long, before generating an alert. With Care Systems Analytics for Epic, this is all automatically done.

Care Systems Analytics for Epic enables different IT teams to investigate and resolve issues collaboratively by presenting side-by-side views of the application and supporting infrastructure in a single pane of glass. Because Care Systems Analytics for Epic is built on Blue Medora Operations Manager, performance data from VMware® virtualized servers is automatically available. Care Systems Analytics also helps IT teams proactively investigate and resolve potential issues before they occur. Using powerful visualization techniques in Blue Medora Operations Manager, IT teams can identify electronic medical record (EMR) workflows that are running more slowly than desired.

How is Care Systems Analytics for Epic used in conjunction with Epic System Pulse or Epic System Pulse Analytics?

Care Systems Analytics is intended to complement Epic System Pulse and other monitoring and troubleshooting utilities. Care Systems Analytics for Epic includes the following specific capabilities:

• Side-by-side views of application and infrastructure performance to enable correlation

• Dynamic thresholds based on the actual performance of the Epic application in each customer’s unique environment

• A highly customizable interface enabling customers to create different views of system performance for different audiences (e.g., application team vs. database team vs. end users at the point of care)

What are the benefits of using Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic?

Benefits range from cost and time reductions to improvements in communication and productivity. Customers are able to more quickly pin down root causes of issues, correlate application performance issues with underlying infrastructure performance, and share a unified console when problem solving across different teams. The solution provides access to hundreds of Epic application performance and infrastructure metrics gathered through vCenter. Visibility into this rich set of data combined with dynamic threshold setting, automated anomaly detection and root cause analysis capabilities reduce resources required to maintain and operate this solution. Please refer to the Blue Medora Care Systems Analytics for Epic solution brief and the Blue Medora Care Systems Analytics for Epic datasheet at

What other management packs does Blue Medora offer for VMware vCenter Operations Management?

Blue Medora offers True Visibility Suite (TVS) for vRealize operations that incorporates more than 40 management packs in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions. Learn more

Is Epic management pack included in the True Visibility Suite from Blue Medora?

No. The True Visibility Suite (TVS) includes management packs for compute, storage, networking, converged/ hyperconverged, virtualization/container/cloud, database, connectors, and other applications.

Are customers able to redeem VMware EPP tokens to purchase Epic management pack?

Customers are not able to redeem EPP tokens for their purchase at this time.

Software, Hardware, and Licensing Requirements

What are the minimum software requirements to install Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic?

VMware® vRealize™ Operations Manager Enterprise™ version 6.3 or greater is required.

Which versions of Epic System Pulse are supported by Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic?

Epic System Pulse 2012 and 2016 are compatible with the vCenter Operations Management Pack for Epic.

Are there any evaluation, demo, or trial programs available, prior to placing a purchase order?

Yes. Please contact Blue Medora account executive or sales representative for further details. You can also email Blue Medora at or

Where can I go to download Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic?

Blue Medora Account Executive will guide you through the process.

Who do I contact for pre-sales support?

Please send an email to

Can Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic be installed on non-English language Blue Medora servers?

Yes, Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic can be installed on non-English language Blue Medora servers.


Who are the target users for Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic?

Three primary users will benefit from this solution:

• VMware administrators can gain insight into the application behavior of Epic

• Epic application and database administrators can view system performance from an infrastructure and historical perspective

• Clinicians can gain insight into the overall performance of the system for departmental workflows

How are dashboards created in Care Systems Analytics for Epic?

Care Systems Analytics for Epic ships with four default dashboards—Epic Overall Health, Epic Drilldown, Epic Troubleshooting, and Epic Printing Health. These dashboards are easy to understand and use because they were created in conjunction with customers. Customers may clone, share, personalize, and create additional custom dashboards (e.g., Aggregate counts of key critical Workflows and Operating Room Point-of-Care Performance dashboards.) All dashboards can be accessed through the Blue Medora Operations Manager custom user interface.

Are there any suggestions about how to learn more about creating custom dashboards?

There are a number of resources available to learn how to create custom dashboards, including the following:

• vROps is Easy–Creating Dashboards

• VMware vRealize Suite Getting Started Guide

How will Care Systems Analytics for Epic be supported?

Customers who have purchased support contracts can seek support through support channels.

Is Care Systems Analytics approved by the ISV (Epic)?

Care Systems Analytics for Epic leverages the standard API provided by the ISV (Epic).

How do I use Care Systems Analytics for Epic to monitor the Citrix environment I use to deliver Epic Hyperspace to my users?

The management pack monitors workflow response times and exception counts regardless of the endpoint client. Additionally, Care Systems Analytics can help correlate the underlying Citrix XenApp server performance with average workflow times.

Are there any additional security requirements or risks with Care Systems Analytics for Epic?

There are no additional security requirements or risks with Care Systems Analytics for Epic or the Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic. There is NO patient data involved in the pull from Epic System Pulse.

Does Care Systems Analytics for Epic create any load on the System Pulse Server?

The Blue Medora Operations Management Pack for Epic does not create a significant load on the System Pulse Server. The data is pulled every five minutes and typically  takes less than 30 seconds.

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