True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Amazon Web Services

Solve problems faster with real-time monitoring and high-fidelity metrics to drive predictive analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivered in vRealize with this Management Pack by Blue Medora. Clear views into AWS resources simplify troubleshooting and enable you to continuously manage capacity. Administer all of your resources with confidence, from the health of all services to a full understanding of monthly AWS charges. Take advantage of Blue Medora’s unique dimensional data capabilities to slash MTTR with relational visibility beyond AWS and into other technologies across your cloud stack.

Extend vRealize Operations to AWS

Monitor your cloud environment’s performance with alerts and notifications passed into vRealize Operations (vROps) from AWS for the following services: ELB, S3, VPC, Budget, EC2, EBS & Auto Scaling Groups. Analyze the entire mapping of your AWS resources in real time.

Key Advantages

End-to-end relational visibility: Understand internal and external relationships for maximum visibility into virtual environment with nearly 175 metrics.

Dashboards and alerts: Gain access to out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, and alerts — enable you to continuously identify and pinpoint issues.

Simplified communications: Streamline troubleshooting with a single point of access to all system information, reducing the time needed to coordinate data.

Deliver on Service Level Agreements: Provide full system information at any given time to demonstrate compliance.

Complete security: Agentless, read-only data collection guarantees there is no chance for monitored systems to be compromised.

Expose Key AWS Performance Metrics
  • Capacity
  • CPU
  • Details
  • Network
  • Performance
  • Status
  • User Configuration
Supported Platforms

vRealize Operations Manager

  • Advanced or Enterprise Editions
  • Version 6.3 to 6.7

Amazon Web Services version: N/A

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Management Pack (if running PCF): Version 6.3_3.2.0+

Instant Visibility Beyond Cloudwatch

This comprehensive set of integrations for AWS brings forward deep data on the behavior, state, and cost of your cloud resources. In minutes, Blue Medora displays metrics in pre-configured dashboards and generates intelligent alerts based on operational best practices. Out-of-the-box dashboards that provide in-context exploration and relational visibility include:

  • Amazon Web Services Overview
  • Amazon Web Services Environment Overview
  • Amazon Web Services Budgets and Billing
Data Sheet: VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Amazon Web Services
See Right Relationships, Worry Less

The Blue Medora management pack enhances vROps with at-a-glance KPI dashboards for navigating the entire environment to understand relationships and discover dependencies. Showing the relationships between resource entities provide an overview of your entire AWS stack as well as supporting technologies like Kubernetes. Blue Medora supports specialized relational visibility between AWS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, including Apps, Infrastructure, and Health Investigation. This unique capability dramatically reduces troubleshooting time (MTTR) and automates remediation.

Data Sheet: VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Amazon Web Services
Optimize Capacity and Performance

Blue Medora detects capacity, utilization, and performance issues of the system and related virtual resources by harnessing predictive analytics capabilities in vROps. Issues can be corrected before users experience downtime, and you can accurately plan for future. Blue Medora provides a real-time view into costs for AWS services to see account changes/adds/deletes before they turn into unpleasant surprises in the monthly bill.

Data Sheet: VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Amazon Web Services
Use Alerts to Enable Continuous Operations

Automatic, intelligent alerts allow administrators to pinpoint issues before they cause a major impact. Identify general info and warning statuses instantly. Use pre-emptive recommendations for proactive infrastructure management.

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