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Epic Monitoring Solution with VMware vRealize

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At a glance

The Healthcare Monitoring Solution with VMware vRealize integrates electronic medical record (EMR) system performance information with VMware® vRealize™ Operations Manager™ to provide healthcare IT organizations with a single view across their Epic application and supporting infrastructure.

Go even further

Make better decision by adding on Blue Medora True Visibility Suite to your VMware vRealize healthcare monitoring environment. Expand your analytics and management beyond virtualization to the broader data center infrastructure and applications. By adding the True Visibility Suite, you’ll get the industry’s widest breadth of coverage across applications, database, virtualization/cloud, compute, network and storage. Get actionable analytics and enterprise-wide, unified visibility – all from Blue Medora.

Avoid expensive and disruptive outages

Whether they last two hours or two weeks, outages can cost hospitals hundreds of dollars per minute and disrupt operations, impacting clinician productivity and patient care. When performance degrades or an outage occurs, precious time is lost as different IT teams—responsible for applications, databases, storage, networking and computing systems—use email to communicate the results of their investigations. Healthcare monitoring with VMware vRealize helps minimize costly and disruptive scenarios by alerting administrators of issues before they occur and speeding time to investigate and resolve issues, thereby transforming the cost, quality and delivery of patient care.

Key benefits

Increase visibility into performance of key caregiver workflows

Learn, predict, and prevent potential problems

Reduce time to troubleshoot and resolve problems

Improve collaboration across IT functions

Improve caregiver productivity and patient-care delivery

Move toward a software-defined data center

Healthcare Monitoring Solution with VMware vRealize empowers IT to proactively monitor, alert and troubleshoot performance and operational issues. Using intelligent operations management across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, IT teams can find many benefits:

  • Gain greater insights – Easily share performance monitoring data with IT application, desktop and infrastructure administrators. Create a performance view that provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of the healthcare IT infrastructure—from the data center to the point of care.
  • Find and resolve issues faster – Leverage built-in algorithms and predictive, self-learning techniques to anticipate and prevent potential performance problems or quickly remediate problems before they affect caregivers.
  • Improve communication with clinicians – Customize point-of-care application performance dashboards for specific and critical departmental workflows (e.g., operating room, billing) to give clinicians more transparency into IT operations.
  • Increase caregiver productivity – Support an always-on patient-care environment, reducing outages and performance degradations through the consolidation of data from other monitoring tools and from across the IT environment (physical and virtual).
Experience proven benefits

Healthcare Monitoring Solution with VMware vRealize leverages the capabilities of vRealize Operations Manager to deliver deep insights into system health for improved platform and application availability and performance. It is proven to deliver significant operational and business benefits. Forrester Consulting’s study on the Total Economic Impact of VMware vRealize Operations Management Suite,1 (now called vRealize Operations) revealed that customers experienced:

  • Up to 45 percent reduction in time and effort spent on compliance management
  • Up to 67 percent gain in IT productivity from reduced manual effort and fewer incidents
  • Up to 30 percent CapEx reduction from capacity optimization and deferred hardware purchases

Customers also reported additional business benefits from increased availability and uptime, as well as reduced risk of compliance violations and audits.

Improve outcomes

Blue Medora’s Healthcare Monitoring Solution with VMware vRealize is an integrated approach that delivers significant value, including cost savings, improved performance and greater compliance, to hospitals of all sizes.

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