True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Docker

Dive deeper into container and host performance with the Blue Medora Management Pack for Docker. From metrics to capacity definition, ensure resource availability across your environment -- whether virtualized or bare-metal.

Extend vRealize Operations to Docker

Because the lifecycle of Docker containers have drastic ranges, understanding the CPU, memory, network and disk performance serves as imperative to ensure that your containers and hosts operate at peak performance. From digging deep into key metrics like container service usage to understanding relationships across the IT stack, the Docker Management Pack from Blue Medora provides the visibility you need to meet the requirements of today’s microservices environment.

Docker Overview Dashboard from Blue Medora

The Docker Management Pack offers insight into key capacity definitions — including CPU, memory and space — to simplify your plan to scale your Docker container resources now and in the future. Combined with real-time visibility into performance across containers and hosts, the Blue Medora Docker Management Pack for vRealize Operations transforms your troubleshooting process while improving performance across your environment.

Key advantages

End-to-end visibility. Access more than 80 metrics and a series of out-of-the-box dashboards and reports for visibility into your Docker containers and hosts.

Alerts and notifications. Receive instant alerts for events, like high disk usage and high transmission/received errors, to quickly resolve problems before they impact performance.

Relationships mapping. Extend visibility beyond your Docker container and hosts into the virtual layer, including VMware, Nutanix and/or KVM virtual machines.

cAdvisor integration. Drill into container performance metrics in Blue Medora to cAdvisor for additional analysis with just a single click.

Expose Key Docker Performance Metric
  • Container Service Usage
  • Container Children/Host Parents
  • Container CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Network Throughput
  • Filesystem Disk Usage
Supported Platforms
vRealize Operations
  • Advanced and Enterprise edition
  • Version 6.3+
  • Versions 17.x+ (Community or Enterprise edition)

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