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VMware vRealize Operations for Power

At a glance

VMware vRealize® Operations™ for Power delivers a comprehensive data center operations management platform designed to unify management from apps to infrastructure and across private, public, and hybrid clouds. vRealize Operations delivers intent-driven performance, capacity, and cost optimization, as well as proactive planning and intelligent remediation.

Key benefits

Centralized management for data center and multi-cloud environments

Real-time, predictive capacity analytics to proactively alert on capacity risk, forecast future demand, and deliver actionable recommendations

Integration of costs with capacity analytics to optimize utilization and reduce costs

Cost transparency across private and public clouds to optimize planning

360-degree troubleshooting with metrics and logs

Fully open and extensible platform

Self-driving operations overview

VMware vRealize Operations for Power helps IT administrators run production operations across large, complex, heterogeneous, and hybrid environments with an open and extensible platform with scalability and resilience.

Real-time, predictive analytics drive performance1, capacity, and cost optimization, helping customers proactively avoid contention and capacity risk, identify potential savings, automate rightsizing and reclamation, and accelerate planning.

This highly scalable and intuitive platform helps predict, prevent, and troubleshoot issues across private and multiple clouds with unified visibility, federated views, and unmatched extensibility with management packs2.

1Certain features are applicable to vSphere-based clouds only.

2Subsequent pages have the entire list of all management packs for Power Systems.

The solution delivers the following benefits

Improved efficiency – Increase the efficiency of IT staff and the utilization of IT resources, reducing both operational expenditure and capital expenditure.

Reduced downtime – Proactively identify and solve emerging performance issues and bottlenecks with predictive analytics, ensuring optimum performance and availability.

Unified visibility – Streamline and centralize operations with comprehensive visibility from applications to infrastructure and across private and public clouds in a single platform.

Business/IT alignment – Provide transparency into the operations and cost characteristics of IT services to better align IT and business.

3Only applicable in a vSphere environment.

4Only applicable if VMware vSAN and other SDDC technologies have been deployed.

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