Have you seen it yet? The 17 minute video for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware.

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager while running critical workloads on VMware?

There is zero visibility with out-of-the-box functionality of Enterprise Manager into the virtual infrastructure supporting these workloads.

How do you proactively manage the availability and performance of these workloads to required service levels?

The Operating System metrics that you can view in the Host target within Enterprise Manager are inaccurate and useless.  The OS is not provided with 100% of the insights when running natively on physical hardware resources. The metrics collected by the Host Target in Enterprise Manager are reported as if the virtualized OS is the only OS running on the server.

Current solutions to the issue:

  1. Assume someone else will inform you on issues in VMware affecting your workloads
  2. Ask for access to the VMware vCenter console
  3. Use a third party VMware monitoring solution
  4. Open a ticket with the Infrastructure/Virtualization team

These are the most common answers to how Enterprise Manager users deal with their Oracle workloads running on VMware.  Are these approaches the best way for Oracle database, middleware, or applications admins to deal with critical workloads running on VMware?

There is a better way:

The Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware.

View the video below explaining why this Plugin is the optimal solution for enabling Enterprise Manager users to gain visibility and insight into the VMware infrastructure and how it impacts your Oracle workloads.

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