Product Overview on vCenter Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager

This video is an overview of the vCenter Operations Management Pack for Oracle EM this Management Pack enables IT to be more proactive and responsive in management of Oracle running on vSphere environments, and this results in not only more productivity, but also in tangible business benefits.

Unified Management of Oracle Workloads Running on VMware: provides a tool that both Oracle admins and VMware admins can jointly use to understand the relationship, availability, performance, as well as bottlenecks within your converged Oracle and VMware environment.
Intelligent Operations: ability to proactively avoid performance issues and gain deep insights into the health, risk, and efficiency of Oracle running on VMware. vCenter Operations Native Capacity Planning and Predictive Analytics: forecasts critical Oracle related outages well before they occur.

Once you have logged into the vCenter Operations 5.7.2 Custom UI on a vCenter Operations server where the OEM Management Pack has been installed and configured, you will be dropped into the Oracle EM Managed Environment Dashboard — what we unofficially call the “Skittles View”.

From any of of the dashboards included in the Management Pack, you can drill down and access hundreds of metrics about various Oracle components and the associated VMware layer. All of these important metrics and dashboards give insights into your infrastructure.

The Blue Medora vCenter Operations Management Pack enables you and your company to be more proactive and responsive in the management of Oracle Enterprise Manager running within vSphere environments. You gain insight into the performance, availability, and issues from the datacenter level down to individual components. This gives Administrators and operators the ability to remediate issues from at-a-glance views across physical and virtual environments!

Learn more about Blue Medora vC Ops MP for OEM.

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