True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Palo Alto Networks Firewalls

Guarantee the reliability of Palo Alto Networks firewalls

Improve your security posture with insight to threats and attacks from within vRealize

Leverage the proactive visibility of Blue Medora to ensure your Palo Alto Networks firewalls are running efficiently, and at high-availability.

Supports the agile nature of your IT ecosystem with less overhead and management effort.

Single pane of glass. Understand the performance, utilization and state of both physical or virtual firewall appliances alongside vCenter environments, right in vRealize Operations–the central hub where you are comfortable working.

Manage threats and attacks. Know when you’re being attacked. Respond to alerting on security events captured by your firewalls, and get instant insight to their nature and origin.

Agentless and easy. Remotely collect data against your complete Palo Alto Networks environment without leaving the vROps console, and without the overhead of an agent.

High-availability integrity. Ensure smooth recovery from fail-overs with visibility into high-availability configuration (node) status.

Leverage Deep System and Hardware Component Metrics in vROps

Analyze performance and configuration across 228 metrics, including:

  • Node status
  • CPU utilization
  • Component states: power, temperature, fan speeds and more
  • Session utilization
Supported Platforms
VMware vRealize Operations
  • Advanced or Enterprise Editions
  • Version 6.3+
Palo Alto Networks
  • PAN-OS versions 7.1 and 8.0
Reliability, at-a-glance

This management pack for Palo Alto Networks enhances vROps with the addition of 5 best-practice dashboards that give administrators the ability to assure the firewall reliability and enhanced responsiveness to security threats. Out-of-the-box dashboards include:

  • Overview
  • Health
  • Deep Dive
  • Environment Overview
  • High Availability
Improve your security posture with the whole picture

Understanding attacks requires a holistic perspective of alerts generated by your Palo Alto Networks platform, plus the utilization and failover state of your firewall environment in the context of the rest of your stack. Only Blue Medora gives you the full stack insight with relationships and depth to extend beyond VMs and into data, compute, storage, networking and application tiers.

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