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Orange Business Services Identifies and Solves Storage Issues up to 80% Faster with Blue Medora

Blue Medora's NetApp Management Pack for vRealize Operations enhances IT service provider's offerings with better control over infrastructure and reduced troubleshooting time

Executive Summary

To improve its cloud and infrastructure as a service (IAAS) offerings, Orange Business Services (OBS) needed to enhance its reporting capabilities and cut downtime. OBS worked with VMware to identify Blue Medora’s NetApp Management Pack for vRealize Operations, which provides greater discovery and reporting of storage issues to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the time it takes to find and mitigate issues.


OBS is a global integrator of communications products and services, including cloud and infrastructure as a service. With headquarters in Paris, France, OBS operates in more than 220 countries and territories and employs over 30,000 people with 70 percent of its customer base made up of Fortune 500 financial services companies. OBS reviews and improves its IT processes to maintain high levels of IT services to its customers.

The company’s IT consists of NetApp storage running on VMware virtualization. Because customers rely on the OBS IT infrastructure to provide services to their customers, OBS needed to improve its reporting and analysis tools and reduce the time it takes to locate storage issues.

Before Blue Medora, OBS manually pulled and constructed data from its NetApp environment, which was time-consuming and provided limited information for its customers. On top of this, the OBS IT teams struggled to find the root cause of VM slowdowns.

Platform extension provides greater understanding

As OBS systems run on VMware’s vRealize Suite, the company contacted VMware for possible solutions. VMware recommended Blue Medora’s NetApp Management Pack for vRealize Operations.

The OBS team was impressed with the SANtricity-like data depth they could now access within VMware vRealize Operations. As well as providing a better service for its customers, OBS also eased the strain on the company’s IT team by breaking down silos between the storage and virtualization team.

“Thanks to the visibility Blue Medora’s NetApp Management Pack provides, we can now discover the symptoms of downtime between 70 to 80 percent faster.”

Richard Esteve
Technical Leader
Orange Business Services
Blue Medora improves network visibility to reduce downtime

With the Blue Medora Management Pack, OBS is reducing the time it takes to discover issues that cause downtime. Richard Esteve, a technical leader at Orange Business Services, believes Blue Medora is playing a major role in helping OBS eliminate downtime.

“Thanks to the visibility Blue Medora’s NetApp Management Pack provides, we can now discover the symptoms of downtime between 70 to 80 percent faster. Minimizing downtime is crucial to the success of both OBS and our customers, so reducing it is one of our key objectives. To see such a reduction in discovery time is brilliant.”

Customer satisfaction is also on the rise, thanks to the increased details included in automated reports.

“To effectively manage their IT environments, our customers require an understanding of what is happening across the environment. Blue Medora’s out-of-the-box dashboards provide exactly that, which is greatly improving our overall customer experience. The dashboards are easy to digest, and they allow IT teams to act on analytics and trends being generated.”

Following the success of using Blue Medora’s NetApp Management Pack, OBS plans to work with Blue Medora to implement a similar solution for F5.

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