Monitor Everything with BindPlane for New Relic – Now with Logs

A first of it’s kind integration service that streamlines metric and logs collection in the New Relic platform for true full-stack visibility.

The Enterprise Monitoring Challenge

When setting up an enterprise monitoring solution, the process of identifying and configuring which data sources you need to monitor is challenging and time consuming.

The most time consuming and challenging problems include:

  1. What’s the best way to extract data from each source?
  2. Should I use an open source solution?
  3. How flexible is the configuration of the collection solution?
  4. How do I deploy the collection solution to each source I want to monitor?
  5. How do I manage updates to the collection solution once it’s deployed?
  6. Will there be sufficient support for the solution I choose?

These challenges can prolong the implementation of an enterprise monitoring solution, which can lead to costly system downtime.

Blue Medora’s BindPlane Solution

BindPlane for New Relic is a Monitoring Integration as a Service (MIaaS) solution designed to ease the configuration of all data sources that you need to monitor within New Relic.  BindPlane provides the metric and log data, so your organization can seamlessly monitor your enterprise workloads within New Relic.

Many of your customers already rely on BindPlane to connect New Relic Insights to metrics from 175 technologies that support on-prem, cloud, and hybrid workloads. BindPlane now includes log monitoring that supports over 50 log types fully supported and integrated with New Relic Log Analytics.

These include log types such as:

  • Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server and additional databases
  • vSphere, AWS Cloudwatch
  • SAP
  • Tomcat, NGINX, MS IIS, and other application/web servers
  • F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco networking solutions
  • Gitlab, Jenkins, Jetty, Puppet
  • Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Amazon EKS

BindPlane will rapidly expand its logging capabilities to support over 100 log types by the end of the year.

The numerous preconfigured collection sources available thru BindPlane provide the quickest way to connect to and send metric and log data into New Relic.  Beyond getting the right data flowing quickly, the BindPlane solution also offers the following advantages for managing your data collection deployment after your initial setup:

  • Centralized location to manage the log agent’s life-cycle
  • Templates to make large deployments easy
  • View all deployed collectors and their health from one interface
  • BindPlane offers fast and easy installation through a one-line CLI installer
  • 24/7 BindPlane customer support is available for New Relic customers
New Relic and Blue Medora - Trusted Partners

New Relic and Blue Medora have had a strong partnership for over 5 years. The integrations we have developed over that time allow for a quick and seamless ingestion of metric and log data from BindPlane into New Relic One.

Monitor Key Workloads Using BindPlane Logs with New Relic including:
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • mySQL
  • vSphere
  • AWS Cloudwatch
Enterprise Applications
  • Tomcat
  • Cassandra
  • SAP
  • OKTA
  • Active Directory

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