Monitor Everything with Bindplane for Microsoft Azure Monitor

A first-of-its-kind integration service that streamlines metric collection for Microsoft Azure customers monitoring multi-cloud, multi-database, or hybrid platform environments.

You need to monitor all of your apps as efficiently as possible, even if those apps are supported by resources outside of Azure (on premises or cloud-based). Up till now, that has not been so easy. A recent survey showed 60% of respondents running three or more monitoring systems, and 75% of IT Ops teams lack critical data to manage the health and performance of their systems1.

The solution for streamlining the process? Blue Medora introduces BindPlane for Azure Monitor, monitoring integration as a service (MIaaS) that allows seamless monitoring of enterprise workloads running on Azure VMs, on other public clouds, or in data centers.

Microsoft Azure BindPlane Overview

Improves Resource Utilization

BindPlane provides full-stack dashboards for identifying performance inefficiencies and tuning resource utilization. With visibility beyond Azure, you can adjust workloads across different pricing models to find the lowest cost among clouds and data centers. As an added integration benefit, BindPlane leverages Azure Monitor’s Azure VM visibility to show direct linkages from these workloads to help speed up root cause analysis.

Increases Team Productivity

4 ways to use Azure Monitor beyond Azure resources
Figure 1: This Microsoft IIS dashboard inside Azure Monitor includes critical details on cache hit rates and misses.

BindPlane dramatically expands the aperture of visibility within Azure Monitor. The metrics that BindPlane delivers to Azure Monitor on the performance of key workloads like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft IIS complement telemetry from their underlying Azure services and platform resources. Teams can also monitor the behavior and performance of non-Azure resources and enjoy unified visibility across data centers, hybrid-platform environments, and multiple public cloud providers.

With universal data access, you no longer have to maintain expensive, non-core monitoring integration investments. And with self-maintaining connections, you no longer need to spend time configuring and deploying new integrations.

Reduces Downtime

BindPlane’s unique capability to deliver relational visibility across the full IT stack facilitates locating root-causes faster, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR). Troubleshoot database slowdowns quickly with query-level data resolution. Isolate persistent issues in ephemeral environments by understanding both the historic and current impact of resource constraints from hosts and datastores on pods and clusters. React to issues faster to improve your operational workflow.

Monitor Key Azure VM Workloads Using Azure Monitor with BindPlane
  • Oracle DB
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS IIS
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL DB
  • PostgreSQL DB
  • Cassandra DB
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
Key Functionality

BindPlane for Azure Monitor integrates performance data from IT environments (public clouds, data centers, Azure VM-based workload endpoints) into Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility.

  • Seamless Integration: A single, self-maintaining connection delivers a dimensional data stream of health and performance on 100 technologies, which can run on Azure VMs or be located in other clouds and data centers. Visibility connects across the entire stack — from physical infrastructure to virtualization and platform technologies to databases and application services.
  • Dimensional Data: The real-time metrics stream includes highly granular behavioral detail — well beyond what a single endpoint API connection might include — and rich relational context.
  • Intelligent Data Collection: An agentless smart collector with resource auto-discovery and touchless management ensures data collection is always up-to-date.
  • Full-Stack Dashboards: Rich, intuitive dashboards for each technology source integrate into your Azure workspace with just a click. An overview dashboard delivers a high-level view of all your monitored resources.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Dynamic alerts identify infrastructure issues before they impact applications and end user experience.
  • MIaaS: Azure Monitor is provided as a service, simple and secure.

BindPlane delivers multi-cloud monitoring (GCP, IBM cloud, Alibaba cloud), deep visibility into data center infrastructure, at-a-glance access to data operations, and complete virtualization and platform monitoring.

MIaaS: A first-of-its-kind cloud monitoring integration service that connects full IT stack health and performance data with any of the monitoring and analytics platforms

Relational Visibility: Internal object relationships within endpoints plus external relationships between endpoints — both dependent-upon and dependent-to

Dimensional Data: Metrics, queries, state, intra-object relationships, and inter-object relationships

1 Blue Medora, “Study Finds 75% of Companies Lack Critical Data to Manage IT System Health and Performance” August 23, 2018.

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