BindPlane Reduces Log Monitoring Costs and Achieves Full Stack Visibility with BindPlane for Google Cloud

Executive Summary is a B2C computer software company that is challenging email norms through the creation of a digital communication hub that surrounds its customers’ existing email. With over 100 million events crossing their system every day, they needed a reliable and cost-effective way to help them monitor their entire stack. John Jung, Co-founder and CTO of, was tasked with finding a solution to help him troubleshoot and manage his current environment and discovered BindPlane Logs for Google Cloud Logging, formerly Google Stackdriver Logging, through Google Cloud Platform’s documentation. After launching BindPlane, John was able to extend his monitoring visibility to include non-GCP sources within Google Cloud Logging giving him the reassurance that their product remains consistent for customers. turned to BindPlane Logs for Google Cloud Logging to:

Consolidate their log aggregation into a single view

Deployed log monitoring to troubleshoot

Reduce costs by 500%

Benefit from responsive and customized support


When you are both the Cofounder and the CTO of a B2C organization, having the right tech stack in place to remain fully operational for your customers is a lot of pressure. Just ask John Jung, the Cofounder and CTO of John needed a cost-effective way to process and debug over 100 million events a day that were running through his production systems. Having migrated from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Digital Ocean, and then to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), John understood the importance of a platform-agnostic log monitoring tool to ensure his production environment was operating smoothly.

Solution needed a way to monitor logs within MongoDB but Google Cloud had deprecated its MongoDB log agent support. John talked about his monitoring issues stating, “Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services only give you the standard CPU, RAM, etc.., but not advanced in-depth service specific monitoring. It wasn’t enough for what we needed to analyze.” That is when John found BindPlane within the Google Cloud documentation, where they list BindPlane as their certified partner for extending monitoring of logs and metrics within Google Cloud Logging.

MongoDB BindPlane Dashboard

Why BindPlane?

BindPlane for Google Cloud Logging was the best fit for because it was fast to implement, cost-effective, and provided full-stack health monitoring within Google Cloud. John was able to quickly launch BindPlane to begin their log monitoring. John was then able to complete the root cause analysis to troubleshoot issues within his MongoDB environment and tackle problems that he could previously not identify. “We had a crazy amount of logs… and I knew I needed to be able to analyze them and BindPlane helped me achieve that by extending Google Cloud Logging’s capabilities to monitor logs within MongoDB.”

BindPlane for Google product flow

BindPlane Logs does the Legwork for You

“The biggest thing about BindPlane is that someone sat there and went through RabbitMQ and MongoDB and all of the other sources and said these are all the metrics we can measure. Someone already did that leg work, so I tell other DevOps and generalists to use BindPlane to debug their instances.” John explained that the alternative to troubleshooting without BindPlane is that someone would need to dig deep into the documentation for each technology source to understand what is important and what can be measured. For him, he was monitoring so many systems including massive sources like, Kubernetes, SQL, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis and MongoDB that require a lot of product knowledge to effectively manage. Not having enough time to debug all the edge cases within each service, BindPlane provided a great view into the health and performance of his systems without him having to figure it out on his own in order to keep things running smoothly.

New Visibility and Automation Eliminate Downtime

With BindPlane, was able to enhance their monitoring to discover trends and patterns they weren’t able to see previously. John explained, “The visibility we achieved with Bindplane proved vital for us to use for maintenance and health checks to make sure we are running smoothly.” was able to build upon this visibility to create automated bots through their scripts to respond to outages. This tremendously reduced his fears, reassuring him that if something goes down, they could write a response script allowing their systems to stay up and running. They also configured alerts to notify if a replica set count or replica node goes down via a Slack notification or email in real-time, using alerts from Google Cloud Logging or MongoDB. Bindplane Logs closely integrates with Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring’s graphs, allowing users to build dashboards that provide real-time visibility into critical services. By increasing its log monitoring visibility to identify trends using extensive dashboards, has eliminated downtime through automation and alerting sharing, “When you have 100’s of millions of events, something that happens one in a million times happens 100’s of times.” Bindplane closely integrated with multiple cloud providers and was able to help site reliability engineers, triage and debug things quickly.

Reduced Monitoring Costs

When it comes to alternative solutions, was aware of its option to monitor logs within MongoDB with MongoDB Atlas, but was also aware of the cost. Because BindPlane is a Google Cloud certified partner, not only do new users qualify for GCP credits to offset their initial costs, but John did the math, sharing, “Monitoring with BindPlane Logs for Google Cloud Logging was exponentially less expensive… like 5x less than Atlas. The fact that I could customize what I was monitoring and how often the logs were pulled within BindPlane and use GCP credits helped reduce the costs even further.” While these savings are great, John also shared that knowing that BindPlane provides the observability needed to keep critical services up.

Monitoring with BindPlane Logs for Google Cloud Logging was exponentially less expensive… like 5x less than Atlas. The fact that I could customize what I was monitoring and how often the logs were pulled within BindPlane and use GCP credits helped reduce the costs even further.

John Jung
Co-founder and CTO at

Thanks to BindPlane Logs for Google Cloud Logging, was able to monitor their entire environment, using a single view within GCP, and save money. The new visibility that achieved with Bindplane Logs has provided them with the ability to troubleshoot, perform alerts in real-time, and respond to outages using automation, providing John and his team the reassurance that their product remains up and running for customers.

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