How to Monitor Amazon EC2 in Azure Monitor Using BindPlane

This is our Amazon EC2 dashboard. With this dashboard, we’re actually going to jump into the next use case, which is another other public cloud. We’re looking at a multi-cloud environment. Obviously were using Azure Monitor already, so we’re going to be using Azure Monitor to Monitor all the Azure all the services themselves. We have an EC2 environment dashboard here that’s actually going to provide us with a health scores and information on the actual EC2 instances running in our AWS cloud.

We can see information very similar to what we were looking at in the VMware environment, but specifically for our AWS cloud. And if we take a look at some of the actual performance metrics example again, our EC2 instances seem to be up. They seem to be healthy. We have no issue with them. But maybe if we take a look at some of the actual performance metrics that were looking at… we can look at things like how much are we reading, how much are we writing. These can be important metrics to look at in EC2 when we’re trying to determine cost and which of these instances are going to be costing us the most money.

On average, when we’re looking at reading, we’re looking at 1.4 million or 1.4, yeah, million bytes. But we have one right here on the bottom that’s much, much higher doing most of the reading, as we can see. Maybe we want to take a look at what’s going on in that EC2 instance. We also have our writing here. Very similar, right? We have one or two that are really doing most of the writing, and so maybe want to make sure that something’s not going out…you know really spinning out of control there, or going crazy because we want to be able to keep our cost down. Obviously, it might be okay, and so we can move on from there. And we’ll continue to go through some of the other EC2 metrics here, like status fail checks and CPU utilization. Just like we did on the VMware environment we’re looking at things like network, CPU properties, things like that that are available here as well.

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