Global Service Enterprise Quickly Launches Scalable Monitoring with BindPlane

Executive Summary

A global services company that helps customers of all sizes secure their organizations needed a way to extend their monitoring within Google Cloud. Google recommended BindPlane for Google Cloud Monitoring, formerly Google Stackdriver, for the company to effectively monitor their environment.

Global Services Enterprise turned to BindPlane Metrics for Google Cloud Monitoring to:

Consolidate monitoring into a single view

Quickly and easily deploy with no additional costs or signed contracts through Google Cloud Monitoring

Benefit from responsive and helpful customer support

Enable future monitoring scalability and maintenance


A large global enterprise needed a fast and reliable way to monitor their internal environment and ensure their customers remained operational as they moved from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Like many other companies going through the digital transformation, they had multiple migration projects and a tight deadline. The company’s software engineering team knew they would be using Google Cloud Monitoring as their observability tool within GCP but they faced a challenge. They needed a way to observe third-party technologies like Kafka, while running on GCP. They wanted these third-party technologies to appear in Google Cloud Monitoring alongside the monitoring data for their native GCP resources to achieve a single view of their full environment.


The software engineering team reached out to the Google Cloud team to see what products they should use for monitoring their non-GCP sources. Knowing that they needed third-party workload monitoring, Google recommended that they use Blue Medora’s BindPlane, a new approach to unified IT monitoring through integration as a service (MIaaS). BindPlane would help them address the common challenges that most data center operations teams experience, by providing them a comprehensive view of what is going on across their IT ecosystem. The head of engineering explained the company’s situation stating, “We must remain operational because our client’s operability is critical. There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and us being able to see what is in our systems.” BindPlane helped them achieve the operational satisfaction and single view into their systems within Google Cloud Monitoring by automating the collection of performance data and metadata from across their environment.

Simple Launch for Scalability

Getting started with BindPlane was easier than they could have imagined. They talked about their onboarding sharing, “The setup of BindPlane was as simple as click, point, and done! We created the service account for the collector, clicked the collector, pointed at what we wanted to monitor, and were fully launched in about 10 minutes. The interface and documentation made the entire process really simple to complete.” The BindPlane collectors that their organization deployed are zone-based, lightweight, managed, and fault-tolerant. These collectors enable organizations to decrease initial integration and collector maintenance by up to 64%, as users eliminate multiple monitoring and logging agents. With access to a continually updated library of the most popular enterprise technologies, customers can add new endpoints or additional platforms in as few as 3 clicks. Post setup, the head software engineer shared, “We wish everything was as easy as setting up BindPlane. As we grow and scale we are now setup to focus on maintainability and scalability using this platform.”

We wish everything was as easy as setting up BindPlane. As we grow and scale we are now setup to focus on maintainability and scalability using this platform.

Helpful and Responsive Support

“Working with the BindPlane Support Team has been really enjoyable. The team is super helpful and responsive, getting us the information we need right away. They are always happy to jump on a call to answer questions or to help us get custom monitoring dashboards set up.” BindPlane’s support team helped this global enterprise drive immediate insight with best-practice-based KPIs and data visualization dashboards. Just as their organization continues to scale and put the support of its customers first, BindPlane prioritizes its customer relationships and support to deliver a strong user experience.

Thanks to BindPlane, another global enterprise provider was able to quickly consolidate their full-stack monitoring into a single view within Google Cloud Monitoring. They know that future monitoring projects will arise, but remain confident that BindPlane will continue to scale and meet their needs to ultimately help them deliver the best customer experience.

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