True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Cohesity

IT managers who work with storage, VMware, and incident response benefit when Cohesity stats are represented alongside vCenter environments in a single pane of glass.

Cohesity, a hyperconverged solution is designed to eliminate your secondary storage silos. So why suffer with silos when managing your virtual ecosystem? This management pack from Blue Medora continuously collects data on clusters, viewboxes and protection jobs, then presents a single, integrated view of your Cohesity environment as they interact with vCenter–to better understand and proactively manage your secondary storage infrastructure, right from the vRealize Operations (vROps) console.

The capabilities of this management pack benefit users across your teams.
Storage Admin:

If your goal is to set it and forget it, Blue Medora alerts let you know when disk usage is high (or changing rapidly). In addition reports on cluster storage utilization and trending are automatically provided.

Capture a cross-cluster view in one place–including status and configuration details of federated clusters.

Give users the ability to backup and restore their own data, track what’s done–audit information. The ability to set alerts based on audits, provides flexibility, right from vROps.

Make intelligent policy decisions using regular, consistent reports showing data reduction–by types of ViewBox: IDD, PDD, or NDD.

VMware Admin:

You will benefit from the correlation of vCenter performance with information on the backup and restore tasks of Cohesity Clusters that protect them. One  example is whether the schedule and throttle process is working as intended, or impeding performance.

Quickly and directly determine the number of protection jobs and policies that protect each VM, and view that information in a vROps dashboard–including the ability to easily illuminate details of protection as needed

Employ easy access to Cohesity performance data on out-of-the box dashboards that show data, characteristics, and KPI trends across the storage landscape. Performance data includes throughput, IOPS, and latency across clusters, view boxes, and protection jobs.

Incident Response Team Manager:

Have one dashboard in vROps that is a clearinghouse for alerts specific to Cohesity. You can also easily configure collected alert levels, and silence alerts that are not useful.

Readily access details about configuration for each cluster, including external targets, in an out-of-the-box dashboard in vROps to speed isolation of issues.

VMware vRealize Operations Cohesity Health Investigation Dashboard
Immediately see the answer to these questions:
  • How is my Cohesity system interrelated?
  • How is my Cohesity system related to VMware?
  • What is the remaining capacity of my Cohesity cluster?
Key advantages

Single Pane of Glass: Understand the workings of Cohesity alongside vCenter environments, right in vRealize Operations–the central hub where you are comfortable working.

Relationship Knowledge: See specifics of relationships and impact between VMs, Cohesity clusters, and policies.

Agentless and Easy: Remotely collect data against your complete Cohesity environment without leaving the vROps console, and without the overhead of an agent.

Health awareness. Stay ahead of issues with vROps’ predictive analytics that now includes information on your Cohesity clusters.

End-to-end Visibility

Connect these feeds into a single, integrated view of your Cohesity clusters and virtualization environment in vROps:

  • Nearly 100 detailed alerts and notifications regarding Cohesity resource health are configurable and fed into dashboards for easy utilization
  • Key performance metrics covering the resource groups of latest run, relationships, details, disk, performance, and status provide information on clusters, remote clusters, view boxes, protection sources, protection policies, protection jobs, and more.
  • External Relationships automatically discovered, such as
    • Cohesity Protection Jobs to VMware Virtual Machines
    • Cohesity Protection Source to vCenter Server
    • Cohesity Protection Source to Host

A variety of Cohesity dashboards are provided out-of-the-box to ensure productivity for all teams.

  • Cluster Relationships: Shows VMware and Storage Admins the relationship between a Cohesity Cluster and related Remote Cluster(s).
  • Health Investigation: Ready when Incident Response Teams need a jumping-off point for fast troubleshooting. It displays at-a-glance status for all resources, as well as metrics, relationships and alerts.
  • Job Status: Provides a comprehensive view of Cohesity Protection Jobs over the previous 24 hours. Storage Admins know if action is needed through Protection Job Alerts.
  • Performance: Provides insight into the overall performance of your Cohesity Clusters, View Boxes, and Protection Jobs so that all teams quickly know the status of KPIs.
  • Protected VMs: Storage Admins will more easily manage multiple clusters, with list and graphical views of the VMs protected by Cohesity Protection Jobs, plus exactly which policy and cluster are being utilized.
  • vCenter Performance: VMware Admins will quickly know about any detrimental impact of Cohesity backup and restore. It provides insight into the performance of your vCenter Server through the Cohesity Cluster, and the relationship of the Protection Source to the vCenter Server.
Supported Platforms
  • Cohesity versions 4.0 & 4.1
  • vRealize Operations 6.3+ (Advanced or Enterprise editions)
Silos are Only for Grain

Storage is an important part of your IT ecosystem, especially secondary storage since that accounts for 80% of all the enterprise data. You can ensure high-quality processes and proactive management by integrating Cohesity into your vROps console.

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