Demo: What BindPlane Brings to Azure Monitor

I’m in my Azure Monitor environment. I’ve gone down into our logs. One thing, I just want to point out here to maybe some of the people who are just looking at Azure Monitor and haven’t used it before or are fairly new. You’re going to get a lot of Azure metrics and Azure logs out of the log management category here. So here we can see, you know with our Azure environment, we’re already looking and we can see a bunch of pieces of different information anything from Azure metrics, audit logs activity logs, heartbeats performance metrics different logs and performance metrics here inside the log management tab.

Now all of the data that we’re going to send you going to come in right underneath it in the Custom Logs. So you can see here as I kind of expand the custom logs a huge grouping of a bunch of different tables, essentially, from Alibaba and our Amazon environments. They are alphabetical. And as I scroll through here you can see a bunch of integrations that we have sending new data to us in these different tables.

If I take one of these examples, and let me jump down here to…maybe our SQL Server examples. We can look at a couple of these tables more in-depth. And so for SQL server, for example, will see you know the level of the instance to the database and all the way down into individual queries. Each of these tables are going to have a number of different pieces of data for us. As I expand, like for example, the instance we’re going to be able to pull in metrics how much physical memory are we using, what’s our badge data look like, what’s our buffer pool, and do we need to be able to adjust that? So all these metrics are going to be available to you, and Microsoft Azure has that nice query language and will allow you to query and look at any of that data individually.

Obviously, when you’re trying to perform and start to look more in-depth at metrics you’re not going to always want a query something to try and figure out what’s going on. So the other nice part about this query language that Microsoft Azure provides is that your actually able to take these queries and turn them into different graphs and dashboards and look at performance monitoring that way.

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