Demo: How to Track Google Billing in Azure Monitor

Now I’m going to switch over here from the AWS environment to looking at our Google environment. Is really digging into that cost side. Because when we’re looking at a multi-cloud environment, one of the number one things that we just want to look at right away is how much money are we spending. Are things where we’re expecting them to be billing wise? Obviously you’re going to be getting a lot of that out of Microsoft itself, when you’re working in Azure, but you won’t get that view into Google or AWS. In the Google dashboard, we actually have a Google Cloud billing dashboard that allows us to dig in deeper around things like pricing and how that pricing is breaking down. So we start, right at the highest level when, you know, the account that you set-up to monitor. How are we going to take a look at that, what’s the cost looking like. We’ll will show you things like the total account on that cost. You see here our total cost has been totaled up to 513. We can kind of see what that cost is looking like over time…it’s charging us around a little over $20 over time, but then totals up to 513.

That’s what we’re being charged, but maybe we don’t understand why were being charged that. So, we’ll break it down in a couple of ways for you as well. We’re breaking it down by pure project. In Google you have different projects, and so will start saying these are your most expensive projects. You’ll take a look at, hey why why are these costing us the most? We will also break it down by service cost, over here on the right. So I have one of those kind of like groupings on whatever project you running and then on the way right will break it down for service. These are the different services we’re using within Google Cloud. So you see in our environment at least most of our cost is coming from our Stackdriver monitoring and our compute engines that we have set up in Google. We have a lot of other services that really aren’t costing us anything at all. And then right in the middle we’ll do a combination of both. This is how much each service is costing you per project so in this case, again, just because we have a couple of projects up here running, but in general most of them are using Stackdriver and that’s going to be a per-project basis. Stackdriver is costing us the most amount of money, followed by compute engine. Just like anything else, really quickly, we’ll give you a high level of what’s your total cost, how this broken down by project, how that’s broken down for a service and kind of combination of both. But if you want to understand those services better, you want to understand those projects better, we have those links here to the logs as well. So if you want to really dig in and say, okay, why is this project costing me so much money. Let me get more details on this project, or more details on the service that I’m looking at, we have queries that allow you to do that over here on the right.

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