Common DBA Issues: No End to End Visibility

Traditionally, when you had your physical stack you had this “big box” and you had full control over it as an Oracle administrator or Database Administrator (DBA).

After virtualization, you now have VMware admins in the mix and a whole virtual layer that the Oracle admin is now restricted and cannot see so there is no clue, no visibility of what is going on the other layers.

DBAs are unable to manage the performance and availability of critical applications running in VMware, resulting in:

  1. More Frequent Incidents
  2. More Time Spent Identifying the Root Cause
  3. An Increased Mean Time to Repair
  4. More Tools Being Required to Troubleshoot

The current model is seriously flawed and today’s need in “virtualized shops” to have the visibility behind the “black curtain” couldn’t be more apparent now and moving into the future.

This is where the Blue Medora Plugin for VMware comes in for you and your organization by removing the “black box” giving the Oracle Admins visibility all components of the stack that are going to affect their VMware virtualized workloads.

Without the single pane of glass in Enterprise Manager, DBA’s have to resort to one of three methods to address the “black box” issue:

  1. Contact the VMware team and enter a support ticket taking time and extra steps
  2. Use another tool and take the time to both learn and switch back and forth for the metrics needed
  3. Ignore the virtual infrastructure altogether

The methods described come with issues, such as:

  • Entering support tickets can take days or weeks just to get a response
  • vCenter and other tools were created for VMware Admins, but metrics DBA’s care about are difficult to find
  • Ignoring the virtual infrastructure altogether will be catastrophic

View more on how infrastructure teams solve issues with the Blue Medora Plugin for VMware.

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