Arkadios Accelerates Data Operations with Bindplane

Unified visibility saves hours of downtime

Executive Summary

Santiago, Chile-based Arkadios is a managed and professional services provider specializing in applications and database performance, infrastructure and expertise. The consulting firm provides clients with solutions based on Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Mongo and other technologies.

Arkadios supports clients in retail, hospitality, healthcare and government industries, including companies like Mutual, MetLife and the Chile Ministry of Obras Publicas. As specialists in database development and management, Arkadios is able to help its clients get the most from their data.


As in any IT infrastructure, database performance can have a significant impact on applications and end user experience. Arkadios’ clients depend on their databases running smoothly and responsively and when application issues do occur, Arkadios must be confident the database is not at fault.

But if the database does experience issues, Arkadios needs to identify and fix it rapidly—ideally before it impacts applications and preferably before the client is even aware of any issues. This has traditionally been a difficult and often slow process, requiring any number of tools and considerable time and effort.

Explains Arkadios consultancy manager Miguel Suazo Ibarra, “Collecting all the information necessary for a performance analysis is slow and tedious work, especially when you have different RDBMS. Troubleshooting across the diversity of tools can take several hours to complete. And that’s the easy part of the job! To deliver fast results to an incident, it is key to have all the information available immediately, to minimize the recovery time.”

So Arkadios turned to Blue Medora’s BindPlane to centralize key metrics and provide deep data within their tool of choice, New Relic.

Unified Visibility Reduces Downtime

BindPlane is a new approach to unified IT monitoring through integration as a service (MIaaS). It addresses the common challenge most data center operations teams experience – gaining a comprehensive view of what’s going on across their IT ecosystem. BindPlane automates the collection of database performance data and metadata from across Arkadios’ environment, including relationships between, and within, databases. This real time data stream is then fed into their New Relic monitoring platform, along with pre built dashboards, for charting, alerting, correlation and other analysis.

Arkadios accelerates data operations with BindPlane

“Blue Medora has allowed us to immediately take action and thus save downtime hours to our customers. In addition, we’ve been able to use New Relic baseline technology to monitor indicators of complex analysis, such as I / O in operational databases, which has allowed us to keep our teams alert as soon as these symptoms appear.”

By implementing BindPlane, Arkadios is now able to enjoy dashboards and KPIs for the database technologies they support, right out of the box, and integrate these views directly into New Relic Insights.

Arkadios accelerates data operations with BindPlane

The Arkadios team has also been able to customize additional dashboards using deep metrics, unavailable in New Relic or other tools. BindPlane aggregates metrics into measures of database health so the team can spot trends quickly, before they become problems. When client projects can involve multiple instances across multiple databases where overall health understanding is critical, these capabilities become significant.

Staying Ahead of Problems

BindPlane sends proactive alerts into New Relic based on policies for certain metrics. This helps the team reduce the time to identify issues. Centralizing database performance data with application data in New Relic has also reduced the time to troubleshoot.

Arkadios accelerates data operations with BindPlane


Arkadios accelerates data operations with BindPlane

Explains Miguel, “BindPlane was really easy to configure and it has been very reliable. It sends us lots of useful information plus we’re impressed with how lightweight it is in terms of overhead. Although we have not eliminated the use of the specific tools of each provider, the daily life of the DBA is greatly simplified by having all the key information in a single point, and has been a tool of rapid adoption by our customers.”

All of this adds up to helping Arkadios stay ahead of problems and ensuring its clients in turn deliver stronger applications and digital experiences to their customers.

Now that we’ve got lots of actionable data, we’re excited to use this data to take advantage of New Relic’s intelligent baseline capabilities and spot emerging trends even earlier.

Miguel Suazo Ibarra
Consultancy Manager

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