Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray Storage

by Brock Peterson on February 20, 2019

Blue Medora True Visibility Suite (TVS) provides enterprises the ability to monitor and manage the entire IT system stack, all within vRealize Operations. TVS customers running Pure FlashArray storage resources can now take advantage of our deep monitoring integration capabilities, including five comprehensive out-of-the-box monitoring dashboards, two reports, 130 collected metrics, 13 alerts, vRealize calculated storage capacities, and external relationship mappings to VMware Datastores. Check out the data sheet and documentation for complete details.

Blue Medora Introduces Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray Storage
With the addition of the Pure FlashArray Storage integration within TVS, we now have 11 total storage solutions for vROps in our catalog of industry-leading IT monitoring integrations and 56 total.

Let’s explore the Pure storage integration, starting with the dashboards. We offer five comprehensive monitoring views, that automatically filter and expand as you drill into objects and charts:

  • Pure Storage FlashArray Overview – Monitor the health of your entire Pure Storage FlashArray environment with at-a-glance status indicators, alerts, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).Blue Medora Introduces Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray StorageThe overview dashboard provides a nice high level view into your Pure FlashArray estate. It will show your Pure FlashArray objects and their related datastore, allowing you to troubleshoot across planes.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Summary – Learn all you need to know about your FlashArray through summary stats, capacity data, relationships, and latency, IOPS, and bandwidth performance metrics.Blue Medora Introduces Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray StorageThe FlashArray summer dashboard focuses on your arrays themselves, exposing latency, IOPS, bandwidth, and capacity metrics at a glance. These are often times used by storage administrators.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Troubleshooting – Drill down and quickly troubleshoot performance issues at all levels of your Pure Storage environment.Blue Medora Introduces Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray StorageThe troubleshooting dashboard provides the user with a guided tour starting with the VM, working its way to the datastore, then into the Pure FlashArray environment. With its corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) the user can pinpoint problems quickly.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Volumes – Gain insight into your virtual infrastructure by comparing volumes and related datastore and virtual machine KPIs side-by-side.Blue Medora Introduces Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray StorageThe volumes dashboard focuses on the volumes themselves, with a descriptive heatmap and stacked chart showing volume performance metrics. It then shows the user the virtual objects that particular volume is supporting.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Health Investigation – Investigate the health of your FlashArray, from array through volume and everything in between.Blue Medora Introduces Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray StorageThe health investigation dashboard jumps back to higher level visibility into your Pure FlashArray estate, focusing on health and alerts. We show all FlashArray objects, how they are related to each other via an environment overview and a relationship topology. As the user selects an object, corresponding alerts and metrics are shown.

Our management pack also offers two reports for consumption, one for capacity metrics and another for KPIs:

We also offer 13 alerts revolving around capacity and performance:

Finally, we map relationships and dependencies from the virtual infrastructure to the storage layer. In this case from VMware Datastore to Pure Volume.

Learn more about True Visibility Suite for VMware vROps, and reach out to for a free trial to experience the new Pure storage integration yourself.

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