Query-Level Analysis with the vRealize Operations Management Pack for IBM DB2

by bluemedora_editor on October 28, 2015

The VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for IBM DB2 brings the powerful insights of vRealize to your DB2 deployments. This includes automatic relationships to the virtual layer, predictive analytics around workload, capacity and stress, and out-of-the-box views, reports, and dashboards. You can expect this wealth of features from any of Blue Medora’s management packs. For DB2, Blue Medora goes further with query-level analysis.

The Management Pack exposes your trouble queries in the DB2 Top-N Queries dashboard. The full text of the offending queries is reported along with metrics on execution number and time, row reads and writes, and CPU time.

If a user complains that their application was slow at 6pm on October 16 and signs point to the database, you can open the Top-N Queries dashboard and select that range.

Now you can quickly identify expensive queries, both in terms of execution time and frequency, in that time range.

Query #4 may not be the slowest query, but it was executed about 1,000 times more than any others and returned about 16,000 rows with each query. With the query text in hand, “SELECT * FROM string_table WHERE string1 LIKE ‘%A%’,” you can talk to your DBA about tuning the query to limit the result set or you can ask the developer to do some caching to limit the frequency of execution.

To download a trial or request a demo of the Management Pack for IBM DB2, visit our product page.

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