Make the most of your log data

Ingest, organize, and aggregate all of your log data using these free content packs.

Content Packs

Content Pack for Oracle Databases
  • Expose internal database errors through real-time analysis
  • Scalable Oracle Database log monitoring
  • Leverage existing vRealize Log Insight Capabilities
Content Pack for NetApp - Data ONTAP
  • Filtered into 7 convenient dashboards
  • 6 standard widgets highlight the current status of the component
  • Logs are abstracted and analyzed by 12 unique fields
Content Pack for HPE Nimble Storage
  • Nimble logs are filtered into convenient dashboards
  • Nimble logs are abstracted and analyzed by 14 unique fields
  • The Nimble Scored Event Dashboard contains the unique widgets for optimized efficiency
Content Pack for HPE Servers
  • HPE iLO logs are presented into 4 dashboards with custom widgets, one per different category of log event
  • HPE iLO logs are abstracted and analyzed by 6 unique fields
  • Includes 6 alerts which can be enabled to notify administrators of events
Content Pack for MongoDB
  • MongoDB events are filtered into 4 convenient dashboards
  • Proactive alerts that notify of events such as a high number of fatal log messages and a high volume of failed login attempts
  • Notifications let administrators know when alerts are triggered
Content Pack for Nutanix
  • Nutanix logs are presented across 5 dashboards
  • There is one overview dashboard and 4 dashboards which focus on a specific type of log event
  • Each dashboard has a similar set of widgets, with differences coming from widgets highlighting certain events or trends specific to that dashboard’s focus
Content Pack for SolarWinds
  • Filtered into 5 convenient dashboards
  • License expiration alerts
  • Alert parsing and unhandled exception errors
Content Pack for Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • See key events in 6 convenient dashboards
  • Access 5 alerts to notify administrators of key events
  • Abstract and analyze logs with 11 unique fields
Content Pack for Citrix NetScaler
  • Dashboard Citrix NetScaler logs in three different views
  • Analyze Citrix NetScaler logs using 21 unique fields
  • Know the moment an emergency or critical severity-level alert triggers
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