Monitor Azure. Monitor Everything.

Monitor Azure infrastructure along side your entire stack of services. Make Azure Monitor your first-pane-of-glass across your entire multi-cloud, multi-database or hybrid-cloud environment.


Best-in-class dimensional data

Make better decisions with access to more granular metrics, Bindplane-exclusive super metrics, and internal and external relational data.
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Built-in Azure Monitor dashboards

Find root-causes faster, increase cross-team collaboration. Azure Monitor dashboard templates visualize the relationships between layers and resources in your stack.

Intelligent Azure Monitor-based alerts

Dynamic alerts identify infrastructure issues before they impact applications and end user experience.

Smart collector

Reduce script and plugin administration, improve team productivity. The agentless smart collector updates your Microsoft Azure Monitor integrations the same day a new software or hardware version is released.

Universal data language

Use the tool your team already loves to do everything inside Azure monitor our universal data language makes it possible to monitor the behavior and performance of non-azure resources alongside your Azure-based resources for unified visibility.

BindPlane for Microsoft Azure Monitor in action

BindPlane for Azure Monitor lets you easily manage all of your endpoints, whether on-prem or in the cloud, enabling you to easily add new endpoints and monitoring platforms with just a few clicks. Here we walk through BindPlane for Microsoft Azure Monitor key functionality, including query-level data resolution. Learn how to configure the Microsoft Azure Monitor dashboards included, and explore snapshots of PostgreSQL and Kubernetes environments.

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