How your monitoring integration strategy impacts your business

A recent study of more than 400 enterprise IT professionals explored the connections between modern metric collection strategies, access to a Dimensional Data stream, and key IT goals including downtime, productivity, utilization and cost savings.

Most organizations running more than three monitoring tools

Sixty percent of respondents are already running three or more monitoring systems, and 50% of them plan to consolidate monitoring tools in the next 18 months.

Access to Dimensional Data increases utilization, productivity

Nearly 40% of the top performers in utilization and productivity gains had fully deployed Dimensional Data.

Monitoring integrations can save you more than $1m a year

Of those who adopted next-gen metric collection strategy and fully deployed Dimensional Data, one in five saw more than $1m a year in savings and one in two saw more than $100k in savings.

How IT monitoring integration strategy impacts the business

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