BindPlane’s Dimensional Data Stream

Dimensional Data fuels your monitoring platforms with a real-time metrics stream that includes highly granular behavioral detail — beyond what a single endpoint API connection might include — as well as rich relational context.

Eliminate metric silos. Troubleshoot faster.
Universal data language

BindPlane’s data providers translate all metrics into a universal data language that makes data accessible from any monitoring platform and with every use case, from alerts, to dashboards and reporting. This allows your team to troubleshoot faster using a shared set of metrics across multiple tools.

Drive better decisions with deeper metrics
Internal relationship links

BindPlane’s Dimensional Data includes internal relationship links that enable you to analyze performance by endpoint or drill down into specific components more than 6 times deeper than manufacturer or open-source plugins.

Get full-stack monitoring with context
External relationship metadata

BindPlane’s Dimensional Data includes external relationship metadata to produce a full-stack relationship map. It automatically discovers new or changed relationship information as frequently as every five seconds. This helps your preferred analytics platform sound the alarm more accurately, avoiding false positives and arriving at root causes faster.

Monitor the metrics that matter
Super metrics

BindPlane’s Dimensional Data stream empowers analytics in your monitoring platform through super metrics, combining multiple raw metrics to calculate rates or ratios, giving all analytics users in your organization big picture views by speeding functions and rollups.

Maximize your current monitoring using new data collection methods

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