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Get the depth and context you need to deliver enterprise-wide observability inside Google Cloud Monitoring absolutely free*.


Metrics streaming

Bring your entire stack into view using Google Cloud Monitoring. Stream monitoring metrics in real-time to catch issues fast, and diagnose within context.

Refreshingly easy interface

Simplify infrastructure management and applications data acquisition for more than 150 supported technologies. With a platform purpose-built to 'set it, and forget it' you can eliminate the need for 3rd party and open source tools.

Intelligent metrics collector

The lightweight, agentless data collector installs based on connection accessibility within your infrastructure. Resilient design features include high-availability clustering.

Managed agent

Built with ephemeral environment deployments in mind, the self-managing agent thrives in Kubernetes, and you’ll never have to re-start it.

Dashboards on-demand (coming soon)

Improve observability with built-in dashboards that visualize your entire stack including — databases, hypervisors, other public cloud services and even on-prem gear.


Run everything from the command line via our public APIs. Create and configure monitoring assets with all your other resources using Terraform, Google Deployment Manager and more.

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*Access to BindPlane for Google Cloud Monitoring requires no additional licensing or BindPlane consumption fees. Additional Google Cloud Monitoring ingestion fees may apply.

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