Monitoring Integration. Unplugged.

BindPlane is the only IT operations data management platform on the market that can deliver a relationship-aware stream of metrics and logs in real time.


The best way to ensure your performance monitoring platforms have the most accurate data, across your entire stack, always.

Dimensional data
Relationship-enhanced data

Find the actual root cause of performance issues up to 33% faster using dimensional data to understand the inter and intra relationships between different layers of your IT stack.

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Dimensional data
Enterprise-grade metrics

Improve analytics depth by up to 87% vs open source / community plugins and platform-originated integrations with enterprise-class, dimensional data.

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Native platform integration
Intelligent alerts

Troubleshoot up to 50% faster with embedded alerts that help you identify the root cause and take action immediately.

Native platform integration
Built-in dashboards

Eliminate blind spots in your performance analytics. Share full-stack dashboards, centralize reporting and standardize alert management across your entire team.

BindPlane Manager
Centralized collector

Decrease initial integration and collector maintenance by up to 64%, as you eliminate platform-specific plugins in your environment and standardize on a single, agent-free service.

BindPlane Manager
Future-proof portability

Avoid proprietary integrations that lock you in to a specific monitoring or analytics platform using our future-proof portability.

BindPlane Manager
Always-current catalog

Improve analytics accuracy over traditional plugins with access to a continually updated library of the most popular enterprise technologies. Add new endpoints or additional platforms in as few as 3 clicks.

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