Privacy and data protection at Blue Medora

by bluemedora_admin on May 25, 2018

At Blue Medora, we consider ourselves innovation makers. Our values include doing what’s best for customers, and being detail-oriented in pursuit of their advocacy. Our data integration products are unique in the depth of detail they deliver. And we also pay special attention to customer details, including how we collect, handle and store customer data—both in our interactions with you, as well as within our online products.

Like many other companies, we have updated our practices and policies for clarification purposes and in reflection of the elevated transparency required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Working with Blue Medora

To help educate IT operations professionals like you about our products and services, we work with partners to advertise on the Internet and social networks. These partners, like Google, use technologies to tailor ads based on interest and choice. This includes information about your visits to our website, based on the use of cookies. You can control how these partners and networks leverage your information, and you can learn more about our website’s use of cookies by reviewing our policy.

When learning about Blue Medora, we may ask you to share information about yourself like email address, company and location. This is so we can support your understanding of our technology. We will always ask you for permission to send ongoing communications, and provide a means to opt out of those communications. You can also ask us to refrain from all contact entirely, provide you information about how we have interacted in the past, and even ask to have your identity completely forgotten from our systems.

As a customer of Blue Medora, your company may be granted certain entitlements to our online products. To ensure the secure and appropriate delivery of our product, we need information about your company and the users who should be granted access to it. We will also use this information to provide ongoing customer support, and the ability to customize or license/subscribe to new products and capabilities.

About our systems and online products

Like nearly every other digital business (including yours!), we use software to record your information for the purposes of interacting with you—to provide marketing communications, transact commercial business, provide support, and ensure your ongoing success with our products. These systems are secure and audited. We do not retain data outside of these systems. Nor do we exchange data from these systems with other parties. We are a United States-based company and primarily use US-based software services. You should review our policy to learn more about what this means in terms of where your data resides.

These systems also integrate with our websites and online products. These integrations use encryption and authentication technologies to ensure the safety and security of any data related to yourself, or your company’s entitlement to our products. None of our websites or products collect and store identifiable information about your customers.

We recognize that whether your business is a digital native, or in the midst of digital transformation, your success depends on your ability to keep your promise to protect customer data. That means your technology partners must also keep their promises to protecting your company’s data. Blue Medora operates with data security and choice in mind, so you can keep your promises while improving the reliability and performance of your digital experiences. Please comment to this post or reach out to our Customer Success team and let us know what you think about our data protection policies and practices.

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